The RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch belongs to the RS20 family of products made by Hirschmann. It has 16 ports, a 6-pin plug-in terminal block, and an IP 20 environmental protection rating. The approximate weight of the module is 600 grams.

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About RS20-1600S2S2SDAE

The RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch belongs to the Hirschmann RS20 series of managed switch products. It features 16 Ethernet ports, support for DIN Rail mounting, Enhanced Layer 2 software, and a compact and fanless design. The RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch can connect to remote devices such as webcams, printer servers, terminal devices, and sensors for complex communication. This managed Ethernet switch can be easily configured by using the Hirschmann online web configurator. The fiber-optic ports of the switch module support both the full-duplex and half-duplex modes. This switch can deliver high performance under rough conditions. The RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch allows the users to configure the module with wide voltage ranges for reliable operation in a variety of applications.


The RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch has an IP 20 environmental protection class, and it weighs about 600 grams. It uses a range of different security mechanisms to ensure high data security. It has a USB port that can be used to connect to an autoconfiguration adapter. It features a wide temperature range, an optional conformal coating for its PCB, and high levels of EMI resistance. The current consumption ratings of the RS20-1600S2S2SDAE Managed Fast Ethernet Switch at 24 Volts DC and 48 Volts DC are 492 milliamps and 246 milliamps, respectively. It offers individually-configurable uplink ports while ensuring IP-based port security. It is recommended to use shielded cables for the data cable connections. This switch uses optional data cables for transferring data between 2 buildings. All the details and specifications of the switch module can be identified by the information in the IP address. The IP address of the switch module is essential when installing the device for the first time. This switch can be used in both complex and straightforward networking and communication applications.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Fast Ethernet Switch


6-pin plug-in Terminal Block

12/24/48 Volts DC

492 mA at 24V DC, 246 mA at 48V DC

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius

110 x 131 x 111 millimeters

600 grams

IP 20

DIN Rail


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