The Hirschmann RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Compact Open Rail Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch is a fully configurable type of managed Ethernet switch. This managed switch has 16 total Fast Ethernet ports. These ports include 14 standard RJ45 ports, and 2 multi-mode SC Uplink ports.

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About RS20-1600M2M2SDAE

The Hirschmann RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Industrial Ethernet Rail Switch is a DIN Rail-mounted network switch that is designed to provide a robust Ethernet network that conforms to the IEEE 802.3 standards. It uses either standard twisted-pair copper cables or fiber-optic patch cables for connections. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch belongs to the Hirschmann RS20 Basics switch series. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch is designed to provide operational reliability even in a harsh industrial environment through its built-in effective thermal management system that is fanless and this results in a higher “Mean Time Before Failure” value. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch also offers easy configuration and programming processes via an integrated password-controlled web interface or through a single-ended V.24 RJ11 serial interface. This allows for secure and remote configuration over the network. By using the all-in-one Industrial HiVision network management software, the users can easily monitor and visualize network parameters remotely via a web browser client. This HiVision software also supports mobile applications on iOS, Android, and Windows devices for easy and convenient monitoring of the network via a mobile device.


The Hirschmann RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch has a USB configuration interface for uploading the configuration data, thus simplifying the configuration process and reducing the commissioning time. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch supports the HiView and HiDiscovery configuration tools which allow the users to easily detect and assign IP addresses to the switch as well as to provide a web interface without needing to use a web browser. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch offers a media redundancy option as well as filter function and security features. The RS20-1600M2M2SDAE Managed Switch features 16 Ethernet ports which include 14 RJ45 standard Fast Ethernet ports that support auto-crossing, auto-negotiation, and auto-polarity functions and that can be configured in either star or line topologies This switch also has 2 multimode SC fiber-optic ports that support 10/100 Mbps BASE-FX Ethernet operation.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Managed Open Rail Industrial Ethernet Switch

24 to 48 Volts DC/24 Volts AC

9.6 Watts

16 Fast Ethernet Ports



DIN Rail

14 Standard RJ45 Ports, and 2 Multi-mode SC Uplink Ports

6-Pin Terminal Block

0 to 60 Degrees Celsius


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