The Hirschmann RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch is an industrial Ethernet switch. It has a MTBF rating of 53.5 years. The RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch has 8 Fast Ethernet ports.

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About RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH

The Hirschmann RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH switch is an RS20 series managed network switch. It is an 8-port Fast Ethernet switch which supports the store and forward switching modes. The switch can be used for the deployment of any network topology. The RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch does not come with a cooling fan and it is designed for a 0 to 60 degrees Celsius ambient working temperature range. The temperature range recommended by Hirschmann for the storage or transport of the switch is -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. The tolerable non-condensing relative humidity range for the operating and storing switch is 10 to 95%. The rated Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) for the RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch is 53.5 years. The RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch is designed for AC or DC power input. The current consumption rating is 321 milliamps at 24 Volts DC and 161 milliamps at 48 Volts DC.


The housing of the Hirschmann RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch comes with an IP 20 protection rating. The dimensions and weight of the switch are 74 x 131 x 111 millimeters and 410 grams, respectively. The RS20-0800M2M2SDAUHH managed switch mounts on an industrial 35-millimeter DIN Rail. There are 6 copper Fast Ethernet ports on the switch and 2 fiber Fast Ethernet uplink ports. All of the network ports on the switch support maximum data rates of 100 Mbps. Multi-mode fiber can be used with the fiber network ports which have an SC socket. A maximum communication distance of 5 kilometers is supported with a 50/125 micrometer fiber cable which has a maximum attenuation rating of 1 dB per kilometer and that enables an 8 dB link budget at a 1300-nanometer optical wavelength. A terminal block and operating manual are supplied with the switch.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch


DIN Rail


IP 20

410 grams

74 x 131 x 111 millimeters

24/48 Volts DC

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

410 grams


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