The RED25-4TX switch is a managed Ethernet switch from Hirschmann. It supports the DLR, HSR, and PRP redundancy technologies to maximize Ethernet uptime and prevent data loss. This switch supports TX ports and SFP ports.

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About RED25-4TX

The Hirschmann RED25-4TX switch is an entry-level industrial switch that supports fast Ethernet. This switch is a managed switch that needs to be configured by the users before it is used, but configuring this entry-level switch is easy. The RED25-4TX managed Ethernet switch has been designed by Hirschmann to be used in industrial automation systems and applications that need redundant network solutions that are not only cost-effective and high-end but also easy to use. The redundancy technologies that the RED25-4TX managed Ethernet switch supports include the DLR, HSR, and PRP technologies. This switch also comes with several built-in security features, and its communication ports and other features like its operating temperature range can be customized to suit specific application needs.


The Hirschmann RED25-4TX managed Ethernet switch supports maximum network uptime through its redundancy technology that minimizes the risk of power failures and allows for interruption-free data transmission and communication. This switch supports 2 different FE port types which include 4 TX ports, 2 TX ports, or 2 SFP ports. The RED25-4TX managed Ethernet switch uses a 24 Volts DC rated power supply to operate. It can communicate with devices located up to 100 meters away from it. It has an extended operating temperature range. While most Hirschmann Ethernet switches operate in temperature ranges from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, the RED25-4TX managed Ethernet switch can operate at full power at temperatures between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius. It can be stored in this temperature range too. This switch also has a high level of resistance to vibration and a high degree of immunity to electrostatic discharge.


Technical specifications


Managed Switch


Entry-level Switch

Managed Switch


24 Volts DC

TX and SFP


-40 to 70 degrees Celsius


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