The Hirschmann RED25-2TX/2SFP managed switch is an Ethernet redundancy switch. This switch is part of the Hirschmann RED25 series of reliable entry-level Ethernet switches. It comes with 4 communication ports.

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About RED25-2TX/2SFP

The RED25-2TX/2SFP switch is a redundancy switch that is made for Ethernet networks. It has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann as a managed switch that is part of the RED25 series of Hirschmann redundancy switches. Because it is a managed switch, it needs to be configured before being used, and it is easy to configure for general applications and easy to customize for special applications. The RED25-2TX/2SFP managed redundancy switch is meant to be low-cost but reliable and high-end in its operation. It is protected by several comprehensive built-in security features that can protect the data that it transmits and protect the switch itself in demanding applications and environments. It is recommended to install the RED25-2TX/2SFP managed redundancy switch in a fire-resistant enclosure.


The Hirschmann RED25-2TX/2SFP managed Ethernet redundancy switch from the RED25 series needs to be installed with enough space around it to allow it to be air-cooled during operation. This switch needs at least 4 inches of free space above and below it and at least 0.8 inches of free space on the left and right sides of it. The RED25-2TX/2SFP managed redundancy switch comes with 4 ports for communication. These 4 ports include 2 RJ45 sockets that use twisted-pair cables and are rated for speeds of 10/100 Mbits per second, and 2 SFP slots that use fiber-optic connections with rated speeds of 100 M/bits per second. The RED25-2TX/2SFP managed Ethernet redundancy switch is rated for a standard operating temperature range from 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.


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32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit


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