The Hirschmann Automation MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Ethernet managed switch comes with 2 voltage inputs and 2 terminal blocks to provide power. This device can be mounted on a DIN Rail along with its terminal blocks. The device can operate in harsh environments.

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About MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A

The MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Managed Switch is a managed Ethernet switch that has been designed to provide an Ethernet connection to multiple devices at the same time so that they can all be included in the same network as the whole system and application process. This Ethernet switch has been designed by Hirschmann Automation (A Belden Company) and included in the MSP series of basic managed switches. This Ethernet switch comes with 16 ports which provide Fast Ethernet connections and 4 of its ports can provide a Gigabit Ethernet connection that is even faster. The Gigabit Ethernet connection is reserved for the most demanding equipment and applications. The Hirschmann Automation MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Managed Ethernet Switch comes with the HiOS layer 3 advanced software and the software configuration is the entry-level configuration.


The Hirschmann Automation MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Managed Ethernet Switch operates with 2 voltage inputs and it comes with 2 terminal blocks to provide that voltage. This device has a power consumption rating of 19 Watts and a power output rating of 65 BTU per hour as heat. The Hirschmann Automation MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Managed Ethernet Switch has the following dimensions: a width of 314 millimeters, a height of 148 millimeters, and a depth of 142 millimeters. It has an overall weight of 2.4 kilograms and it is meant to be installed on a DIN rail. The device can withstand shocks and vibrations of approximately 5 Hertz to 8.4 Hertz with an amplitude of 3.5 millimeters and shocks of up to 15 g for a duration of 11 milliseconds. The MSP40-00200SCY9MRHHE3A Managed Ethernet Switch needs to be kept within the limits of its environmental specifications at all times to extend its operating life.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch

1000, 2500, 10,000 Mbit/s Ports


16 (Plus 4 or 2 Optional Additional Ports)

24 to 48V DC

Unicast and Multicast Routing

Entry Level

HiOS Layer 3 Advanced



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