The Hirschmann Automation MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A managed switch comes with 2 types of ports that provide fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet communication. This switch has an SD card slot and a USB interface. The standard configuration of this switch is the customer-specific version.

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About MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A

The MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A managed switch is an Ethernet managed switch that comes from the MSP series by Hirschmann Automation. This switch includes different ports that can be used with different Ethernet speeds, which makes it versatile since it can cover different equipment and application requirements. The design of this switch is compact and yet it can withstand harsh industrial environments with its IP 20 rated protective housing. This switch does not require the use of cooling fans to operate, but the maximum ambient temperature and humidity levels must not be exceeded. Besides the regular ports, the Hirschmann Automation MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A managed switch comes with an SD card slot and a USB interface port which support SD and USB interfaces which are standard features in the customer-specific version of this switch. The SD card and USB interfaces are shown on a display on the front of the device. The USB interface uses a supply current of 500 milliamps, a voltage that is not potentially separated, and Type A connectors. This USB supports the master mode and the USB 2.0 option.

The Hirschmann Automation MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A managed Ethernet switch’s signaling contact is a potential-free relay contact that is open when the managed switch is not connected to the power supply. The power supply is provided by the 2 terminal blocks that come shipped with the switch. When installing the Hirschmann Automation MSP30-24040TCZ9MRHHE3A managed Ethernet switch, the supply voltage must be disabled until the installation process is complete. Only when the managed switch’s protective casing has been closed and the terminal blocks have been wired and connected correctly can the supply voltage be applied again. This switch can support fast Ethernet with 24 fast Ethernet ports and Gigabit Ethernet with 4 of the 24 ports that are made to support Gigabit Ethernet.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch

10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ports

Suitable for PoE or PoE+

24 (4 Gigabit)

24 to 48V DC

Unicast and Multicast Routing

Hirschmann Standard

Entry Level

HiOS Layer 3 Advanced



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