The Hirschmann MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A Ethernet media module has been designed with a rugged and compact design that makes it ideal to operate in applications in harsh environments and tight spaces. This media module is made for the PowerMICE managed switches and it comes in an IP 20 rated protective enclosure. This media module can be used with any kind of Ethernet network and star or line topology.

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About MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A

The MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A media module is an Ethernet media module that has been designed by Hirschmann and Belden for use with the PowerMICE series managed switches. This media module provides the PowerMICE managed switch with high-speed port options. It operates with HiOS Layer 2 advanced software and 16 Ethernet ports in total and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This media module can be connected with 2 different plug-in terminal blocks with 4 pins each. It also comes with 1 RJ45 socket, 1 SD card slot to connect the configuration adapter, and 1 USB port that can be used to configure the module when needed. The main objective of the Hirschmann MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A Ethernet media module is to expand Ethernet networks to different devices in an industrial application. It is designed as a Gigabit Ethernet Uplink device.

The Hirschmann MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A Ethernet media module requires a power supply voltage of 24, 36, and 48 Volts DC. The module can operate with any star topology and it comes with a power consumption rating of 17 Watts and it has a power output rating of 58 BTU per hour as heat. The Hirschmann MSP30-16040SCY999HHE2A Ethernet media module has been designed to meet increasing industrial Ethernet bandwidth demands. It can adapt to high data levels and at the same time, it can supply more PoE+ power than other media modules. This module has a simple configuration process, and it can be diagnosed through the use of the HiDiscovery and HiVision software. It can also be configured through a web interface. It comes in an IP 20 rated protective housing which makes it rugged and compact, but not waterproof. It is ideal commonly used in transportation, discrete manufacturing, automotive, and mining applications.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Media Module

10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ports

Suitable for PoE or PoE+

16 (4 Gigabit)

24 to 48V DC


Entry Level

HiOS Layer 2 Advanced



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