The Hirschmann MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet media module is intended for industrial applications with Hirschmann PowerMICE switches that require an Ethernet connection to operate properly. This module comes with 2 SFP ports that are available to be used with compatible equipment. The module can operate with a single-mode or multi-mode fiber network.

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About MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E

The MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E media module is a Gigabit Ethernet module that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann and Belden. It is meant to be connected to a managed switch from the Hirschmann PowerMICE product line. This module provides high-speed communication that can go from 1-Gigabit speed up to 10-Gigabit speeds. This media module comes with a flexible design that includes hot-swappable ports. This module has been designed to operate in industrial Ethernet networks or Ethernet networks that required an expanded size and communication distance. The Hirschmann Automation MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet media module comes with an increased bandwidth and with 2.5 GE ports that are notable for their high availability and media redundancy protocol features. This media module has a click-in mechanism for quick, easy, and tool-free module assembly and installation.

The Hirschmann and Belden MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet media module comes with 2 SFP ports. It can operate in a single-mode or multi-mode fiber network, while covering different communication lengths. The power for this media module is supplied via the backplane of the PowerMICE managed switch that it is connected to and it has a power consumption rating of 7 Watts and a power output rating of 24 BTU per hour as heat. The Hirschmann Automation MSM60-Q6Q69999SY9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet media module comes with an IP 20 rated protective housing that enables it to operate in environments that contain different solid particles, but it is not waterproof. This module comes with LED indicators that shows the status of the module, the operation mode, and the link/data information. This module has been designed to operate in harsh environments, although it is not recommended to expose it to corrosive materials and vapors. The operating temperature is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity range is from 10 to 95 percent with no condensation.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Media Module




backplane of the Switch

7 W

24 BTU per Hour


216 g

IP 20


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