The MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet Media Module belongs to the MSM40 series of managed switches and media modules designed by Hirschmann. It has an MSP switch backplane power supply and 3 Watts of average rated power consumption. The approximate weight of the module is 193 kilograms.

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About MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E

The MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet Media Module is designed for use with the MSP managed switches that are manufactured by Hirschmann. It helps to grow industrial network capabilities with its modular structure and industrially compatible and economical design. The MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet Media Module is suitable to use in highly complex networks for achieving reliable Ethernet communication. It offers a high port density for connections while maintaining the highest possible level of availability and reliability. This digital I/O media module is specifically designed for the Hirschmann PowerMICE family of Gigabit Ethernet switches. It is capable of controlling the connected components directly via backplane power without using additional power sources. The MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet Media Module features an IP 20 protection rating, extensive immunity to electrostatic discharges, and resistance to vibration and shock.


The Hirschmann MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E Gigabit Ethernet Media Module has an operating temperature range of 0 to 60 degrees Celsius and a transportation and storage temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. It allows the users to construct switched industrial Ethernet networks according to the IEEE 802.3 standards. This module can be installed in a suitable enclosure with the basic module of the switch for additional protection. The mechanical stability of the MSM40-T1T1T1T1SZ9HH9E module includes 5 to 8.4 Hertz of vibration tolerance and 15 g of shock tolerance for 11 milliseconds duration. It helps to form the interface between the switch and the LAN. The users have the option to remove the media module safely while the switch is operating. The LED indicators of the media module indicate the device status and the port status of the media module. The V.24 interface can be used for external management interfaces or external management stations. This media module is an easy-to-use entry-level module with a flexible and rugged design.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Gigabit Ethernet Media Module


MSP Switch Backplane

3 Watts

Power, Mode, Data LEDs

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 85 degrees Celsius

38 x 133 x 118 millimeters

193 grams

IP 20



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