The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is an MS20 series managed network switch. It is a modular switch. The power consumption rating of the MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is 5 Watts.

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About MS20-0800SAAP

The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is a Layer 2 network switch. It is part of the Hirschmann MS20 product line which supports the hot-swapping of its media modules. The software on the switch is Layer 2 professional software. The features supported by the switch include the manual cable crossing, SNTP server, remote authentication via RADIUS, access to management restriction by VLAN, SNMP logging, configuration fingerprint, DHCP server, DHCP relay, dual software image support, advanced ring configuration, RSTP guards, disable learning hub, VLAN, and double VLAN tagging features. The MS20-0800SAAP managed switch requires DC input ranging from 18 to 32 Volts DC and it draws 208 milliamps of current at 24 Volts DC. The power consumption rating of the switch is 5 Watts. A total of 8 Fast Ethernet ports are available on the MS20-0800SAAP managed switch. To avoid uncontrolled machine actions, all the network devices should be configured individually. 


The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is designed for operation with safety extra-low voltage or SELV. The USB connection and the V.24 connection ports on the switch are for temporary connections only. They should not be connected unless the working area is known to be non-hazardous. The connection or disconnection of devices from these ports in hazardous areas can lead to explosions. The working temperature range for the MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. The dimensions of the network switch are 125 x 133 x 100 millimeters. The approximate weight of the MS20-0800SAAP managed switch is 610 grams. This switch is designed by Hirschmann for DIN Rail mounting. The protection class of the switch housing is IP 20. Only properly qualified and trained technicians should be involved in the handling, storage, installation, and commissioning of the switch.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch

DIN Rail



208 milliamps

18 to 32 Volts DC

USB, V.24

IP 20

610 grams

125 x 133 x 100 millimeters


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