The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAE managed switch is a modular network switch. It belongs to the MS20 product line. The MS20-0800SAAE switch supports Fast Ethernet ports.

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About MS20-0800SAAE

The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAE managed switch is a modular Fast Ethernet switch which is designed for industrial applications. It is part of the Hirschmann MS20 product line which comprises Layer 2 switches with up to 24 Fast Ethernet ports each and which are available in 2-slot and 4-slot versions. The 4-slot switch can be expanded to 6 slots through use of the MB backplane extension. The MS20-0800SAAE managed switch comes in a fanless design and it mounts on a DIN Rail. It is supplied with the Layer 2 enhanced software. The MS20-0800SAAE managed switch has a total of 8 Fast Ethernet network ports. Other interfaces which are available on the switch include a V.24 interface with RJ-11 socket, one USB port for connecting to an auto-configuration adapter, and two 4-pin plug-in terminal blocks.


The Hirschmann MS20-0800SAAE managed switch can be used in multiple network topologies. It supports a ring structure with up to 50 switches per ring. The reconfiguration time for each ring is 0.3 seconds. The electrical power specifications of the MS20-0800SAAE managed switch include 208 milliamps of current consumption at 18 to 32 Volts DC. The rated power consumption and dissipation for the switch are 5 Watts and 17.1 BTU per hour, respectively. The MS20-0800SAAE managed switch is a managed switch which supports multiple features including the fast aging, static unicast/multicast address entries, redundant network coupling, TFTP, Telnet, IP-based port security, SNMP logging, local user management, SNTP server, and SNTP client features. The weight of the switch is 610 grams and its dimensions are 125 x 133 x 100 millimeters. The protection class of the switch housing is IP 20.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Ethernet Switch


Fast Ethernet


DIN Rail


IP 20

125 x 133 x 100 millimeters

610 grams

18 to 32 Volts DC


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