The Hirschmann MM3-4FXM4 switch is a managed switch from the PowerMICE product line. This switch comes with 4 ports. It consumes 7 Watts of power during operation and it draws its power from the backplane it is installed in.

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About MM3-4FXM4

The MM3-4FXM4 switch is a Hirschmann managed switch. Because it is a managed switch, the MM3-4FXM4 switch must be configured before it is put into use, but it has been designed to be easy to configure and install. The MM3-4FXM4 managed switch is manufactured as part of the Hirschmann PowerMICE product line, and it is meant to operate as a media module for MICE or MS module switches. This switch is meant to be mounted on a backplane, and this backplane will supply it with the power that it needs. This switch weighs 180 grams, its dimensions are 38 x 134 x 118 millimeters, and it has an IP 20 environmental protection rating by itself. If necessary, the MM3-4FXM4 managed switch can be installed in an enclosure that will give it a higher protection rating.


The Hirschmann MM3-4FXM4 PowerMICE managed switch normally operates in a temperature range from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, but it can handle a wider temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius in certain environments and applications. This switch has been built to handle extreme and harsh environments as long as it is properly used and protected. Its storage temperature range is also from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. The PCB in this managed switch can be given a conformal coating of protective paint if required. This conformal coating can protect the PCB from corrosive substances. The MM3-4FXM4 managed switch consumes 7 Watts of power when it operates. The MTBF rating for this PowerMice managed switch is 40 years. It has 4 ports.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches



Managed Switch



7 Watts

40 Years

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

-40 to 70 degrees Celsius


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