The Hirschmann MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC switch is a managed switch from the PowerMICE Ethernet switch product line. It normally supports 5 media modules at a time but it can support more with an expansion module. This switch can be used in harsh environments.

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About MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC

The MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC switch is a Hirschmann managed switch from the PowerMICE series. It has been designed to be flexible and reliable for a long period of time, even when it is used in harsh environments. The voltage for the MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC managed switch is supplied redundantly and it works without a cooling fan. Additionally, this managed switch is easy to mount by simply snapping it into place on a DIN Rail. The MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC managed switch can connect to infrastructure components like terminal devices through multiple means like twisted pair or (TP) cables, single-mode fiber-optic cables, and multimode fiber-optic cables, depending on which of the communication ports that the infrastructure components are connected to. The communication ports that use the twisted pair cables support the auto-polarity, auto-negotiation, and auto-crossing functions.


The Hirschmann PowerMICE series MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC managed switch can be managed through Telnet, a Web browser, management software like the Industrial HiVision software, or through a V.24 interface that is located locally on the switch. If the MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC managed switch is used in a ring redundancy setup, it will be easy to reconfigure its network quickly after a power failure has occurred. This switch is made up of a basic module and 5 media modules which include 4 modules rated for speeds of 10 or 100 Mbits per second and 1 module rated for a speed of 1 Gigabit. An expansion module can also be used to add more media modules if a network requires it. The standard operating temperature range for the MM3-2FXM2/2TX1-EEC managed switch is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.


Technical specifications


Managed Switch


Ethernet Switch

Managed Switch



0 to 60 degrees Celsius

5 (Standard)

DIN Rail


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