The Hirschmann MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 switch is a managed switch that normally hosts 5 media modules at a time. It is a MICE device or a piece of Modular Industrial Communication Equipment and it is part of the Hirschmann PowerMICE series. This switch uses the Ethernet network.

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About MM3-1FXL2/3TX1

The Hirschmann MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 switch is a piece of Modular Industrial Communication Equipment or a MICE component from the Hirschmann PowerMICE series. The MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 PowerMICE switch is also a managed switch, and this means that it needs to be configured by the users before it can be used. However, it is easy to configure as well as easy to install and use because it has been designed to be used in harsh applications and environments and to be reliable for a long operating lifespan. The MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 managed switch can be used to build an industrial Ethernet network system that the users can customize for their applications. It supports redundant voltage, which protects it during power failures, and it is easy to mount on a DIN Rail.


The Hirschmann MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 managed switch from the PowerMICE product line does not have a fan for cooling, but it can operate normally in a standard temperature range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius or 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This switch can connect to 5 different media modules at a time in a standard system, but it can also use a special expansion module if it needs to host more than 5 media modules at a time. The 5 media modules that the MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 managed switch normally hosts include 4 media modules that are rated for communication speeds of 10 or 100 Mbits per second and 1 media module that is rated for communication speeds of 1 Gigabit. Note that these media modules and the MM3-1FXL2/3TX1 managed switch as a whole are sensitive to ESD and they should be protected from ESD at all times.


Technical specifications


Managed Switch


Ethernet Switch

Managed Switch


DIN Rail

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

5 (Standard)



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