The Hirschmann MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH module is a media module. It is hot swappable. The MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH media module is compatible with the MS20/30 series industrial network switches.

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About MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH

The MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH media module is a hot-swappable media module that has been made for the Hirschmann MS20/30 series managed switches. There are 4 Fast Ethernet network ports on the module. All the network ports also support the IEEE or PoE standards. This media module can be used to supply power and data to devices such as IP telephones, webcams, sensors, print servers, and WLAN access points in an industrial application. The PoE network ports can be used for connecting network segments or data terminal equipment that is up to class 0 equipment. The current is supplied on the idle wire pairs. The network ports are not isolated from each other. Additionally, the network ports work with twisted pair network cables with lengths of up to 100 meters.


The ambient operating temperature range for the MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH media module is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. The non-condensing relative humidity range is from 10 to 95%. The storage temperature range of the module is -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. The IP 20 rated enclosure of the MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH media module is designed for backplane mounting. The module is supplied with PoE voltage (48 Volts safety extra-low voltage) from an external power supply. The PoE voltage is fed to the 3-pin terminal block of the media module. The twisted pair cables carry the PoE voltage to Port 1 through Port 4 via the spare wire pairs which correspond to pins 4 and 5 and 7 and 8 of the RJ-45 sockets. Hirschmann recommends using only the RPS60/48V EEC power supply for the provision of the PoE voltage. The power consumption rating of the MM22-T1T1T1T1SAHH module only is 0.8 Watts. The power dissipation rating is 2.8 BTU per hour.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Media Module

MS20/30 switches




IP 20

48 Volts DC


0 to 60 degrees Celsius

10 to 95%


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