The Hirschmann MM2-4FXM3 module is a media module for the PowerMICE managed switches. It has a MTBF rating of 30.2 years. The switch is protected with an IP 20 rated enclosure.

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About MM2-4FXM3

The MM2-4FXM3 module is a media module for the PowerMICE managed switches. It has been manufactured by Hirschmann. The module is used in different automation applications in different industries. It is compatible with different industrial appliances and it is an intelligent module. The modular structure of the switch that hosts it allows for easy network growth. The operating voltage for the media module is supplied through the backplane of the PowerMICE switch. The module has a power consumption rating of 7 Watts. With LED status indicators on the front panel, the MM2-4FXM3 media module is advanced in terms of diagnostics and reporting.  There are LEDs for power, link status, data, full duplex, ring port, and LED test updates. This module is easy to install and it can be mounted on the switch backplane. It has dimensions of 38 millimeters in width, 77 millimeters in depth, and 134 millimeters in height. The enclosure of the module comes with an IP 20 environmental protection rating. The operating temperature should range between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius and it can be stored at temperatures between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius.

The Hirschmann PowerMICE MM2-4FXM3 media module for the PowerMICE managed switches is equipped with a total of 4 Ethernet communication ports. These ports are 100BASE Ethernet ports and they offer high-speed Ethernet. For network connections, the media module uses twisted pair cables. The module dissipates a total of 23.2 BTU per hour of energy as heat with normal operating conditions. The MM2-4FXM3 media module can easily handle moderate vibrations and it can take shocks of up to 15 g for a duration of 11 milliseconds. It has electrostatic discharge or ESD immunity with 6 kV of rated immunity to contact discharge and 8 kV of rated immunity to air discharge. The MM2-4FXM3 media module also has immunity against electromagnetic fields and fast transients. The MTBF rating of the switch and the media module is 30.2 years.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Media Module

Supply through Backplane

30.2 years

7 Watts

IP 20

0-60 degrees Celsius

23.2 BTU per Hour



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