The Hirschmann BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL switch is a managed industrial Ethernet switch. It is housed inside an IP 40 enclosure for protection. The switch's standard operating voltage range is 12 to 24 Volts DC.

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About BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL

The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL switch is a Hirschmann Bobcat managed industrial switch that enables real-time communication in small to medium-sized industrial networks. It can be easily installed using a DIN Rail. It uses TSN for communication and it supports high-speed data transfers. The front side of the switch houses 10 Ethernet ports, a single USB Type C port, and a plug-in terminal block. This managed switch is powered with a voltage rating of 12/24 Volts DC. The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL managed switch is enclosed inside an IP 40 rated protective enclosure and it can be used in both outdoor and indoor locations. It uses twisted pair and single-mode fiber cables for communication. The switch consumes a total of 8 Watts of power. It has a heat dissipation rating of 27 BTU per hour in the form of heat. The MTBF rating of the switch is 2,284,631 hours and the environmental temperature should be set between 0 and 60 degrees Celsius for safe operation. This switch weighs 500 grams.


The Hirschmann BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL managed Ethernet switch features different programs and functions including the automatic configuration undo function, configuration fingerprint function, text based configuration file, auto configuration adapter, and the command line interface function. For security, the managed switch comes with different advanced features including MAC-based port security, port-based access control, an integrated authentication server, restricted management access, and a configurable password policy. The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-HL managed switch is mechanically stable and it can withstand vibrations of 5 to 8 Hertz with 3.5 millimeters of amplitude, and shocks of 15 g for a duration of 11 milliseconds. The switch can be connected to a personal computer and configured by using the USB port. Hirschmann configuration software is available for easy switch configuration and programming.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Industrial Switch

12/24 Volts DC

IP 40

8 Watts

27 BTU per Hour as Heat

-40-70 degrees Celsius

500 grams



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