The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL switch is an industrial managed switch for medium-sized Ethernet networks. It has a power output rating of 27 BTU per hour in the form of heat. This managed switch comes with 10 ports.

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The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL switch is a Hirschmann-manufactured compact type of managed switch. It is a Hirschmann Bobcat series switch that is designed for the DIN Rail mounting. It supports real-time communication by using TSN. The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL managed switch is designed with a total of 10 Ethernet ports, out of which 8 are 10/100BaseTX ports and 2 are 100 Mbit/s fiber ports. A 6-pin terminal block is also present along with the USB Type C port on the front side. The switch is powered with a voltage rating of 12/24 Volts DC. The total power consumption rating of the BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL managed switch is 8 Watts and it has a power output rating of 27 BTU per hour of energy as heat with normal usage. The MTBF rating of the switch is 2,284,631 hours with a temperature rating of 25 degrees Celsius. The ambient operating temperature should be set between -40 and 70 degrees Celsius. 


The Hirschmann BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL managed switch is 73 millimeters in width, 138 millimeters in height, and 115 millimeters in depth. It weighs a total of 570 grams and is compact in size. The switch is housed inside an IP 30 rated enclosure and it can withstand use in harsh industrial environments. The BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL managed switch is loaded with features that help it to meet different application demands. It has an enhanced diagnostics system and features like management address conflict detection, device status indication, port monitoring with an auto-disable option, link speed, duplex monitoring, and switch dumping. For security, the BRS20-8TX/2FX-SM-EEC-HL managed switch features MAC-based port security, port-based access control, a DDOS prevention counter, CLI logging, and SNMP logging. This managed switch can easily withstand vibrations and shocks for normal applications.


Technical specifications


Managed Switches


Industrial Switch

Managed Switches

12/24 Volts DC

DIN Rail

27 BTU per Hour as Heat

8 Watts




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