The OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch is a managed PoE Ethernet switch designed by Hirschmann. It has 10 ports, 48 Volts DC operating voltage, 140 Watts of rated power consumption, and 120 Watts of rated PoE output. It weighs 1000 grams.

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About OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH

The OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch belongs to the Octopus OS32 series of control products manufactured by Hirschmann. It features wall mounting hardware, L2P software, the IP 65/IP 67 protection class, and a weight of about 100 grams. The OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch also offers comprehensive redundancy concepts with advanced security functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation process for an extended period of time. This switch can also be installed outside the cabinet in its host system. It is advised to install the device on temperature-insulating materials to avoid damage from overheating. The connector for the supply voltage and signal contact can be mounted on the front of the OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch. Its data line socket housing is electrically connected to the switch housing.     


The Hirschmann OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch has dimensions of 338 x 189 x 70 millimeters. It has PoE capabilities which reduces the complexity and length requirements of the power and data cabling while also reducing the cabling costs. This switch comes with a metal housing which protects it against water and dust. It is recommended to seal the unused ports with caps during installation for protection. The number of Ethernet ports of the OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch is 10. It provides 3 interfaces with M12 5-pin/4-pin connectors which are the power supply interface, USB interface, and V.24 interface. The switch module's software package helps manage the serial interfaces, web interfaces, and communication protocols such as the Telnet, HTTP, SFTP, and Traps protocols. The OS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH Ethernet Switch can be used in various heavy-duty applications such as transportation, railroad, manufacturing, and machine building applications.

Technical specifications:

SeriesIP65/IP67 Switches and Routers
Part NumberOS32-080802O6O6TPEPHH
Product Description Ethernet Switch
Number of Ports 10
Operating Voltage 48 Volts DC
Power Consumption140 Watts
PoE Output 120 Watts
Operating Temperature -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Dimensions338x189x70 millimeters
Weight1000 grams
Protection Class IP65/IP67
MountingWall Mounting
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