The Hirschmann Automation OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH Ethernet switch comes with 9 ports that are intended for Fast Ethernet connections. This switch can be used with redundant voltage and it must not exceed the recommended voltage range. This switch can be wall-mounted and used in harsh environmental conditions.

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About OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH

The OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH switch is an Ethernet switch that has been designed and distributed by Hirschmann Automation. This Ethernet switch has been designed to operate in harsh environments, especially with machinery that is not included in a control cabinet and yet needs to be controlled or to transfer data that is crucial to the overall functioning of the system. This Ethernet switch comes with LED indicators that show the status of both supply voltages and of each port. It comes with a grounding screw that consists of an M3 connector. The Hirschmann Automation OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH Ethernet switch has been designed with a 4-pin M12 socket. The 9 ports on the switch support auto-negotiation, auto polarity, and autocrossing features. This device does not have PoE+ ports, just Fast Ethernet ports. The status of each port can be indicated through a green light which means the device has detected a valid link and a yellow light which means the device is sending or receiving data.


The Hirschmann Automation OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH Ethernet switch comes with an input voltage that is electrically isolated from the housing and it also can be supplied redundantly without local distribution. This voltage range goes from 72 to 110 Volts DC, including the maximum tolerances, for both power supplies in a redundant setup. The power supply cable that is suitable for this voltage range needs to be used because an unsuitable cable may cause electrical or communication problems. The Hirschmann Automation OS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH Ethernet switch can operate in harsh environments but the conditions must still be controlled to prevent unnecessary strain or damage and the temperature should be maintained between the recommended ranges. This switch can operate at an extended temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

Technical specifications:

SeriesIP65/IP67 Switches and Routers
Part NumberOS20-000900T5T5TNEBHH
Type of ComponentSwitch
Maximum Data Rate100 Mbit/s
Total Ports9
Uplink Ports100 Mbit/s Ports
ConnectorsTwisted Pair M12 Connectors
Voltage72-110V DC
EnclosureIP 65/IP 67
Temperature-40 to 70 degrees Celsius
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