OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter


The Hirschmann Automation OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter OCTOPUS configurator comes with 20 ports that provide Ethernet connections. This configurator can cover up to 100 meters of twisted pair communication distance. This switch comes with an IP 65/IP 67 rated enclosure.

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About OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter

The OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter configurator is a configurator device that can be used in industrial automation applications, especially those that require high design standards when it comes to mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock, and vibration resistance. This configurator has been designed by Hirschmann Automation and included in the OCTOPUS II family of configurators. This configurator consists of a managed switch that provides a suitable network for different sets of machinery that are not included in a control room or located near a control block. The Hirschmann Automation OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter configurator provides Fast Ethernet ports and Gigabit uplink ports. It can be managed through the HiOS Layer 3 standard software and it also comes with a V.24 and USB interface that work as interfaces for its programming.


The Hirschmann Automation OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter OCTOPUS configurator provides a twisted pair connection to devices up to 100 meters away and it can operate with any line or star topology. This switch can be used to connect other managed switches in a ring structure that has been exclusively designed to operate with these kinds of switches. The ring structure compatible with this switch can support a total of 50 switches. The Hirschmann Automation OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter OCTOPUS Configurator can be used in harsh environments with a temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, and it can also be safely exposed to a humidity level of 100 percent with condensation. This switch can be wall-mounted. It operates with a voltage range from 72 to 100 Volts DC, including maximum tolerances. This switch has a power consumption rating of 106 Watts without using PoE. If the PoE network is used, these specifications will change.


Technical specifications


IP65/IP67 Switches and Routers

OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter





72 to 110V DC (50.4 to 138V DC)

106W Maximum (60W PoE)

3.5 Kg

261 mm x 186 mm x 95 mm

IP 65/IP 67


Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
0CTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter
OCT0PUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter
OCTOPUS AGE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter
OCTOPUS 4GE-l6FE-PoE-HV-Trainrouter
OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-P0E-HV-Trainrouter
OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-Trainr0uter
OCTOPUS 4GE-16FE-PoE-HV-TrainrouterX