OZDV 2471 P


The Hirschmann OZDV 2471 P interface converter is an electrical/optical interface converter. It is a member of the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series. The OZDV 2471 P converter runs on DC voltage.

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About OZDV 2471 P

The OZDV 2471 P interface converter is an electrical/optical converter that has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann. It is part of the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series and it is made for plastic fiber-optic communication networks that cover short distances. The OZDV 2471 P interface converter is easy to mount directly on the terminal in the fiber-optic system with the Sub-D socket on the terminal. It can also be mounted on a DIN Rail with DIN Rail adapter accessories to hold it securely in place if necessary in specific applications. The OZDV 2471 P interface converter comes with 1 optical port for optical connections and with 1 electrical port for electrical connections. Its power supply can be connected through either a 4-pin low-voltage plug or a 25-pin Sub-D connector.


The power supply ratings that are supported by the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES OZDV 2471 P electrical/optical interface converter include 5 Volts DC from a plug-in power supply, 5 Volts DC +/-5% from an external power supply, or 8 to 15 Volts DC from an external power supply. Its standard current consumption rating is 90 milliamps and its maximum current consumption rating is 120 milliamps. Likewise, its standard power consumption rating is 0.6 Watts while its maximum power consumption rating is 1.8 Watts. The OZDV 2471 P interface converter can operate at temperatures between -20 and 50 degrees Celsius, and it can be stored at temperatures between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius. It weighs 110 grams, its dimensions are 76 x 18 x 56.5 millimeters, and its environmental protection rating is IP 40.


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OZDV 2471 P

Interface Converter



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Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
0ZDV 2471 P
OZDV 247l P
OZDV 2471 PX