OZDV 2471 G 1300


The OZDV 2471 G 1300 converter is an electrical/optical interface converter for V.24 serial ports. The unit has 1 electrical 25-pin sub-D male connector and 2 optical BFOC 2.5 (ST) plug connectors. Power is supplied internally via a 25-pin Sub-D connector, and externally via a 4-pin low-power plug or the Hirschmann PSW 5-24 plug-in supply unit.

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About OZDV 2471 G 1300

The OZDV 2471 G 1300 converter is an electrical/optical type of interface converter from Hirschmann for the V.24 serial interface port. The V.24 interface port is a 25-pin serial port that is widely used in industrial communication devices. This device is used to connect single-mode quartz glass fiber cables to a 25-pin sub-D socket that is provided on network terminals. The unit consists of a single electrical 25-pin sub-D male connector and 2 optical BFOC 2.5 (ST) plug connectors. Power is supplied to the interface converter either internally via pin 11 and pin 18 of the 25-pin Sub-D connector or externally via a 4-pin low power M8 plug/connector (in accordance with IEC 947-5-5). It can also be powered by using the Hirschmann PSW 5-24 plug-in supply unit through the device’s low-voltage socket. The unit’s operating voltage varies depending on the power supply that is used.


The Hirschmann OZDV 2471 G 1300 interface converter is designed to function in both the DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) and DCE (Data Communication Equipment) operation modes and switching between the 2 modes is accomplished through slide switches provided on one side of the unit. Interference-free optical data transmission of the V.24 (RS-232D) signals can be achieved by using a transmission link consisting of 2 OZDV 2471 G-1300 interface converters and a duplex optical fiber. When using DC coupling, the data transmission speed is 115 Kilobits per second. The unit operates at temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. It measures 56.5 millimeters in width, 18 millimeters in height, and 80 millimeters in depth. The unit has an IP 40 protection class rating, and its housing is made of diecast zinc, making it extremely corrosion resistant.


Technical specifications



OZDV 2471 G 1300

Interface Converter


1 Electrical Port, 1 Optical Port

DTE or DCE (Switchable via Slide Switch)

V.24 (RS 232 D)

115 kbit/s

0.6/1.8 Watts

-20 to 50 degrees Celsius

56.5 x 18 x 80 millimeters

IP 40


Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
0ZDV 2471 G 1300
OZDV 2A71 G 1300
OZDV 247l G 1300
OZDV 2471 G l300
OZDV 2471 G 13o0
OZDV 2471 G 130o
OZDV 2471 G 1300X