OZD Profi 12M G12


The Hirschmann OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module has been manufactured as part of the FiberINTERFACES series. It operates on 18 to 32 Volts DC from a 24 Volts DC power source. All of the ports on this module are independent and equipped with transmitting and receiving hardware.

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About OZD Profi 12M G12

The OZD Profi 12M G12 repeater module is a Profibus type of repeater module. This repeater module has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann as a member of the FiberINTRFACES series for applications in the Profibus field bus networks. The OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module can be used to build a brand new Profibus field bus network with a standard line, star, or ring topology, or with any arbitrary or custom combination of these topologies. Additionally, this repeater module can be easily and seamlessly integrated into a pre-existing Profibus field bus network because it uses optical transmission technology which is designed to be able to be used seamlessly with all Profibus networks and devices. All of the ports on the OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module are mutually independent and they all have transmitting and receiving components.


The primary applications for the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module include enabling electrical Profibus interfaces that are at the RS 485 level to be converted into optical Profibus interfaces for optical applications, and vice versa. The OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module uses a 24 Volts DC power supply for operation with an operating voltage range of 18 to 32 Volts DC, and it can be connected to a redundant power supply too in order to prevent data losses and communication interruptions which are often caused by power failures. The standard ambient operating temperature range for the OZD Profi 12M G12 Profibus repeater module is from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius or 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technical specifications:

Part NumberOZD Profi 12M G12
Product TypeRepeater Module
Network TypeProfibus, Field Bus
Voltage TypeDC
Power Supply Voltage24 Volts DC
Operating Voltage18 to 32 Volts DC
Redundant Power SupplySupported
Operating Temperature32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Revision Part #

Common misspellings:
0ZD Profi 12M G12
OZD Pr0fi 12M G12
OZD Profi l2M G12
OZD Profi 12M Gl2
OZD Profi 12M G12X