OZD 485 G12 BAS


The OZD 485 G12 BAS Repeater Module is a universal fiber optic repeater designed by Hirschmann. It has an electrical semi-duplex operating mode. The module's maximum operating voltage range is 18 to 32 Volts DC, and the power consumption rating is 2.1 Watts.

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About OZD 485 G12 BAS

The OZD 485 G12 BAS Fiber Optic Repeater Module is designed for the RS 485 networks by Hirschmann. It has 3 ports, a switch, and LED indicators located on the front panel. It uses a 4-wire interface to support full-duplex operation. The dimensions of the module are 35 millimeters x 156 millimeters x 119 millimeters. It has 180 grams of approximate weight and a rugged design. It can be used to build a 4-wire full-duplex universal transmission system according to its RS 485 interface. If the data signal is NRZ coded, it is possible to transfer all the data rates. Channel 2 of the module is a pure transmitter, and channel 1 is a pure receiver. The OZD 485 G12 BAS Fiber Optic Repeater Module is part of the FiberINTERFACES series and its maximum voltage range is 18 to 32 Volts DC.


The OZD 485 G12 BAS Fiber Optic Repeater Module has an electrical port and 2 optical ports. It has a maximum power consumption rating of 2.1 Watts. It meets basic standards such as the EU conformity and AUS conformity to ensure that it meets industrial requirements. It has 24 Volts DC typical operating voltage. It also has a 3-pin screw terminal block for analog voltage output. The received data is decoded at the optical receiver before it is sent to channel 2. It is recommended to make sure that the electrical installation meets the local safety regulations. The operating temperature range of the OZD 485 G12 BAS Repeater Module is 0 to 60 degrees Celsius. Do not lay the power supply wires and bus line wires inside the same cable duct. It is recommended to maintain a minimum of 15 centimeters separation between the module and power switching element.


Technical specifications



OZD 485 G12 BAS


-7 to 12 Volts

18 to 32 Volts DC

2.1 Watts

0 to 60 degrees Celsius

35mm x 156mm x 119mm

180 grams


DIN Rail

IP 20


Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
0ZD 485 G12 BAS
OZD 4b5 G12 BAS
OZD 485 Gl2 BAS
OZD 485 G12 8AS
OZD 485 G12 BASX