OVKS 2,2 grey


The Hirschmann OVKS 2,2 grey plug is a fiber optic plug from the FiberINTERFACES and OptoQuick Components series. It is meant to cover and protect unused plastic fiber optic ports in a FiberINTERFACES device. The strain relief rating of the OVKS 2,2 grey plug is 40 N.

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About OVKS 2,2 grey

The OVKS 2,2 grey plug had been designed and manufactured by Hisrchmann. The OVKS 2,2 grey plug is part of the OptoQuick Components product line within the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series. It is manufactured as a fiber optic plug for the plastic fiber optic ports in the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES devices. This fiber optic plug should be installed in any plastic fiber optic port in the host FiberINTERFACES device that is not currently being used. When the unused fiber optic ports are not covered, they can become blocked up with dust or damaged by water and corrosion, which can require expensive maintenance to repair or damage the ports completely. Using fiber optic plugs like the OVKS 2,2 grey fiber optic plug can significantly reduce maintenance costs and requirements and extend the operating life of a FiberINTERFACES device.


The Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES and OptoQuick Components OVKS 2,2 grey fiber optic plug is made of durable gray plastic, while other fiber optic plugs from the same series are made of durable black plastic. The users can choose the fiber optic plugs that they need based on their color, size, and accessories to find the plugs that suit their devices and applications the best. The OVKS 2,2 grey fiber optic plug has a strain relief rating of 40 N and an external diameter of 2.2 millimeters. This plug ships in a package that contains 19 additional and identical plugs as well as a polishing tool and a small instruction manual. Multiple plugs can be used in the same FiberINTERFACES device, and these plugs can be used to replace each other when old ones become damaged or worn out.


Technical specifications



OVKS 2,2 grey

Fiber Optic Plug

Plastic Fiber Optic Ports


2.2 Millimeters

40 N




Common misspellings:

Common misspellings:
0VKS 2,2 grey
OVKS 2,2 greyX