OVK D 01 black


The OVK D 01 black diode socket from Hirschmann is a fiber optic diode socket. It is part of the FiberINTERFACES series and the OptoQuick Components series. This diode socket is made of durable blakc plastic and it promotes reliable fiber optic Ethernet communication with an Ethernet switch in heavy-duty environments and applications.

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About OVK D 01 black

The OVK D 01 black device is an industrial diode socket. This diode socket has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann as an OptoQuick Component for the Ethernet switches from the FiberINTERFACES series. The OVK D 01 black diode socket is made to be used with plastic fiber optic systems. It ships in a package that contains 20 diode sockets in total and a set of installation and operating instructions. The OVK D 01 black diode socket is made out of durable black plastic. It is made to promote durable and reliable connections in an industrial fiber optic system that experiences harsh, demanding, and frequently or constantly changing environmental conditions. The OVK D 01 black diode socket can help a fiber optic system to handle long-distance Ethernet connections without any interruptions.


The Hirschmann OVK D 01 black fiber optic diode socket from the FiberINTERFACES and OptoQuick Components series promotes connections that are immune to nearly all possible kinds of interference, including galvanic, EMI, inductive, or capacitative interference. It can be used alongside devices like serial media converters, field buses, and other accessories in addition to the Ethernet switch that it is installed on depending on the needs of a specific application. The OVK D 01 black diode socket can be used in a fiber optic Ethernet system that is future proof and equipped to meet the constantly growing and changing needs of global communication applications. This socket and its host switch can also be used as part of a system that is remotely controlled by operators and control devices in a different location in hazardous and high-risk applications.


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OVK D 01 black

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Common misspellings:
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