The Hirschmann OBR40-62,5-LC relay module is an optical bypass relay module. It is a member of the Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series, but it is designed to work with almost any protocol, network, or brand of similar devices. This relay module operates as a bridge for a network device that has lost its normal connection and prevents it from losing its communication data.

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About OBR40-62,5-LC

The OBR40-62,5-LC module is an industrial optical bypass relay module. This bypass relay module has been designed and manufactured by Hirschmann in the FiberINTERFACES series. It can provide long-term reliability and flexibility even in harsh and demanding industrial conditions and in highly specialized applications. The OBR40-62,5-LC optical bypass relay module works without a fan and it is easy to install by snapping it into place on a DIN Rail. It supports both single-mode fiber optic connections and multi mode fiber optic connections. The OBR40-62,5-LC optical bypass relay module has been designed to be both manufacturer-independent and protocol-independent, and this makes it as flexible as possible and allows it to be used with the widest possible variety of networks and the widest possible variety of topologies.


The Hirschmann FiberINTERFACES series OBR40-62,5-LC optical bypass relay module is primarily used to maintain connections and communications in the network that it is part of when there is a disturbance for one of the network subscribers. When such a disturbance occurs, the OBR40-62,5-LC optical bypass relay module will optically bridge the network subscriber that is down to keep it connected to the network. It can activate its “bypass” operation mode automatically when supply voltage 1 or supply voltage 2 in the system are down, or the users can activate the “bypass” operation mode manually in an error or device service situation. The OBR40-62,5-LC optical bypass relay module will resume its normal operation after the errors that caused it to switch to the bypass mode have been addressed. It reactivates after a delay period which the users can set and which allows the bridged subscriber to complete its reboot process.

Technical specifications:

Part NumberOBR40-62,5-LC
Product TypeOptical Bypass Relay Module
PurposeNetwork Bridging
Fanless DesignSupported
MountingDIN Rail
Delay PeriodUser-adjustable
Network TypeFiber Optic
Singlemode ConnectionsSupported
Multimode ConnectionsSupported
Revision Part #

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