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Description:  The Cisco PWR-C45-2800ACV is a 2800 Watts AC Power Supply for the Catalyst 4500 Series.

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About PWR-C45-2800ACV

Product Overview:

The Catalyst® 4500E Series is one of the widest ranges of switches, line cards and power supply of Cisco®. Among them, the power supplies are most distinct in actionable specifications. All the Cisco® Catalyst® 4500E power supplies including PWR-C45-2800ACV have 2 prominent specifications in common: chassis configuration and scale of desired Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Inline Power. This PWR-C45-2800ACV specification shows that PoE deployment is the easiest part of this power supply as it spontaneously detects all the attached and powered devices. There is also an idiosyncratic feature addition in PWR-C45-2800ACV smartnet that all the unused port power that remains are sent back to the system power so that it can be further evenly distributed among other IEEE 802.3 (optional) (power classification) supported models.

The chassis for Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV power supply is developed with genius 1 + 1 power redundancy compatibility also with simultaneous PoE demands.

Power-Supply Options: AC and DC:

The Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV, a 2800W data and PoE AC power supply division installation guide shows it as an extremely versatile power supply in terms of the power supply; can be used both data-only deployments and PoE.

Dual-Input AC PoE Power Supplies:

The Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV datasheet shows this power supply supports 3 types of data operations: Redundant N + 1 Mode, Redundant 1 + 1 Mode and Combined Mode for video applications, data and voice requirement to meet power need.

Power-Supply Specifications:

The Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV power cord includes 12.1(12c)EW of Cisco IOS Software release (minimum), 200 to 240 VAC (±10% of full range) of Input voltage, 7.4(1) as minimum required Cisco Catalyst  OS software, Integrated PoE of up to 1400W and 20 ms of Holdup time. The Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV datasheet shows it runs on16A at 200 VAC is the rated input current, -50V at 28A of PoE output current and 3.3V at 12.5A- 12V at 113.3A of data output current. Output power redundant mode for PoE and data are respectively 1400W (maximum per power supply) and 1360W + 40W and Output power combined mode for PoE and data are respectively 2333W and 2473W.

43 802.3af class 4 powered devices are supported by the Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV specs in the redundant mode and 84 802.3af classes of 0 and 3 powered devices are supported (redundant mode).


The power-supply interfaces and indicators of Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV manual include 3 components: Green indicates Per Input Fan OK LED, Red indicates Pr Unit Output Fail LED and SNMP MIB. The environmental conditions include SNMP 40 to 167ºF as storage temperature and 32 to 104ºF as Operating Temperature. The relative humidity is ideal to be in between 10-90%, noncondensing. SNMP 60-3000m is the operating altitude for Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV datasheet.

Regulatory Standards Compliance:

EN 60950, IEC 60950, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950, TS 001, UL 60950 and AS/NZS 3260 are 6 safety compliances of the Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV power cord.

MTBF Number:

Rated MTBF per hour is 155,822 for Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV feature set.

Ordering Information:

The Cisco® PWR-C45-2800ACV ordering information includes the Cisco® Catalyst® 4500 2800 WAC Power Supply (PoE).

Technical specifications:

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