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Description:  The Cisco PWR-C45-1000AC is a 1000 Watts AC Power Supply for the Catalyst 4500 Series.

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About PWR-C45-1000AC

Product Overview:

This is an external power supply for Cisco catalyst 4500E series. This is an AC power supply. This power is used for Data-only Configurations. It has scalability, up-to 15.4W per port for inline power configurations. It has a maximum input value of 1.32KVA. Minimum IOS software required is Cisco IOS software Version 12.1(12c) EW.

Power Supply:

PWR-C45-1000AC is an AC power supply to perform data-only configurations. This power supply is hot swappable.  It provides maximum of 1000W AC supply.  All 1000 W power supply AC power cords have an IEC60320/C15 appliance plug at one end.

Power Capacity:

PWR-C45-1000AC has the maximum capacity of 1000W AC power. It has a maximum KVA rating of 1.32KVA. The maximum current on input is 13.2A-6.6A at 100VAC-200VAC. The value of current on output (for Data configuration) is 84.7A at 12V. The output power in redundant mode is 1000W+40W.


PWR-C45-1000AC is a power source which provides a maximum of 1000W AC power. Inline power mode is not applicable for this power supply. This power is used for Data-only configurations for the Cisco catalyst 4500E series. Cisco phones are not supported for this power supply.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum CATOS software requirement for this power supply to operate is Cisco CATOS software Version 7.4. The Holdup time for PWR-C45-1000AC is 20ms. The weight of this power supply is 12 lbs. Total heat dissipation is 943BTU/hr. It is supportable to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Information Base (MIB). PWR-C45-1000AC power supply has dimensions (L/W/H) inch, (18x12x10).

Technical Support and Services:

High Touch Operation Management is available. Advance hardware replacement and on-site parts replacement and installation are available. We offer life-cycle services and support.

Additional Information:

Cisco has announced the end of life (eol) and end of sale (eos) in the documentation i.e. January 26, 2004. The end of sale (eos) for the product is July 26, 2004. The product is no more available after this date. To check the description and specs of this product, please visit our Cisco Power Supply PWR-C45-1000AC datasheet (pdf) and our Cisco Power Supply PWR-C45-1000AC configuration guide/manual (pdf).  We offer 50% off the Cisco original list price. We offer a warranty of 1 year on our most used and remanufactured parts.

Technical specifications:

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