Description:   The Cisco WS-C3850-48T Switch has 48 Total Ports, a 350 WAC AC Power Supply, and a 4 GB DRAM. It also operates with a 2 GB Flash and 130.95 Mpps Forwarding Rate.

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About WS-C3850-48T

Product overview:

WS-C3850-48T is a Cisco Catalyst switch integrated wireless controller of 40G wireless capacity per switch and it can support up to 100 access points and 2000 wireless clients. It is 48 Ethernet ports stackable in enterprise level switch with IP base IOS image.


Technical Specifications:

The Cisco Catalyst switch WS-C3850-48T has Cisco StackWise-480 technology which provides resiliency and scalability with 480 Gbps of stack throughput. Cisco StackPower technology gives power stacking among stack members for power redundancy. It has dual redundant, modular power supplies and three modular fans providing redundancy. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported routing software, Quality of Service (QoS), multicast routing, Flexible NetFlow and more security features. Cisco SmartNet service, Cisco Smart Foundation service, Cisco SP Base service and Cisco Focused Technical Support services.


Hardware Specifications:

The Cisco Catalyst switch C3850-48T has USB type-B and Ethernet port RJ-45 with one network module and one power redundant slot for expansion. This switch is power supplied by PWR-C1-350WAC with redundant and plug in module. Power consumption of standalone is 127.24 Max. Rack mounting is available for this model. This switch has a RAM of 4G and Flash memory is 2G and MAC address table size of 32K with Maximum VLANs IDs of 1000.


Switch Performance and features:

The total switching capacity of 176 Gbps available on WS-C3850-48T. Stack Bandwidth is available for 480Gbps. Forwarding switch performance is 130.95Mbps. The Cisco flex stack module is available here. It has a multicore CPU. The MTBF (Mean Time between Failures) is 303,660 hours. Maximum of 48,000 flows of FNF entries are allowed in it. USB storage is supports for file storage and backup operations.



Network Security:

This switch has many types of security features such as Port Security, DHCP, IP source guard, uRPF, Private VLAN, Multidomain authentication, Secure Shell (SSH) protocol, TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication. TrustSec SXP and port based ACLs. IGMP filtering with Cisco security VLAN ACL. User authentication, Bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) Guard and Wireless end to end security.


Technical Support:

Cisco constantly adapt to help and solve your problems. Their integrated and customer service for security helps you address ever challenging threats. All switches have certain comprehensive portfolio of network switches and switching solutions for enterprise networks and data centers and for small business.


Additional Information:

The WS-C3850X-48T has a release date of December 10, 2014 and the end of life/sale (eol/eos) that is not yet known.  You can check the links below for more detailed information regarding this product. The factory reset is compatible via the mode key and has a default username, password and internet protocol (IP).We can offer one-year warranty for most used and remanufactured parts. For new parts do please refer in the warranty offered by the manufacturer.




Technical specifications



Catalyst 3850


350 WAC

C3850-NM-4-1G, C3850-NM-2-10G, C3850-NM-4-10G

480 Gbps

4 GB

2 GB


130.95 Mpps

1.75 x 17.5 x 17.7

7.7 kg


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