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Description:   The Cisco WS-C3750X-48T-S IP Base has 48 Total Ethernet Ports, 1005 Total VLANs, and a 350W AC Power Supply. It operates with a 256 MB DRAM, a 64 MB Flash, and a 160 Gbps Switching Fabric.

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About WS-C3750X-48T-S

Product Overview:

The WS-C3750X-48T-S catalyst switch is an enterprise class line has operational innovative features, such as stack Power, high security and energy efficiency. This switch is available in 48 PoE+ and 48 UPOE (Universal Power Over Ethernet) port models. It is the industry first model of PoE+ with 30W power on all ports in 1 rack unit (RU) form factor. MACS hardware-based encryption is present. A variety of models of switches are present with IP Base. It has advanced 3-layer switching (IPv6 and IPv4) properties.

Power Supply:

The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750X-48T-S has power supply type dual-redundant modular supply. It has AC power of 350W with Stack Power option. This power is available for 48 Ethernet ports. Stack Power is deployed in the power sharing mode or redundancy mode. Stack power allows to add one extra power supply in any switch. For one supply, PoE budget is 220W DC.

Power Consumption:

WS-C3750X-48T-S has power consumption of 75W, 256 BTU/hour of AC power.

Power Capacity:

Rated power required for each PoE+ port is 30W. Total ports are 48 (PoE+) in this switch.  Total available power is 350W of AC power supply.


The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750X-48T-S is having fixed AC supply. It has 48 PoE+ ports. The switch is managed to rack mountable. The Dimensions (H x W x D) of the switch are (4.4 x 44.5 x 30 cm).

Technical Specifications:

There is 64 MB flash memory and 256 MB of DRAM. Total SVIs available are 1K. Jumbo frame is 9216 bytes.

Technical Support and Services[PS1] [MSR2] :

We have Smart Net device in our stock for WS-C3750X-48T-S. It must be bought separately for better performance.



Additional Information:

The announcement date of end of sale (eos) and end of life (eol) i[PS3] [MSR4] .e. October 31, 2015. The device is available on Cisco till October 30, 2016. Our price is less than Cisco catalyst price by 50%. For more information please look at the C3750-X Guide manual in pdf.





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