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Description:   The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L LAN Base has 24 Total Ethernet Ports, 1005 Total VLANs, and a 350W AC Power Supply. It operates with a 256 MB DRAM, a 64 MB Flash, and a 160 Gbps Switching Fabric.

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About WS-C3750X-24T-L

Product Overview

The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3750X-24T-L switches are enterprise line of stackable and standalone switches. These Cisco switches provide security, energy efficiency, scalability and ease of operation when deployed in the field. They support Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) configurations and redundant power supplies. These switches ensure that there is support for wireless network, IP telephony and video for uninterruptible business operation.


Power Supply

The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L has 24 Gigabit Ethernet portswith dual redundant, modular power supplies and fans. The default power supply is 350 W.  There is no PoE power on the Cisco switches. When there is failure of power supply, the stack module employed facilitates activation of StackPower in the power sharing.


Power Capacity

The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L switches do not have PoE power supply. They only have the default power of 350 W in the power supply.



The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L switch LAN Base feature set has 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a default AC power of 350 W. The configuration supports StackPower starting from the 15.0(2) SE software release. These Cisco switches also have 2 SFP+ uplink interfaces.



The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L switches have StackWise Plus technology that ensures scalability and investment protection for business models. The StackPower in the switches can be deployed in either redundancy mode or power sharing mode. In power sharing mode, the power of all the power supplies in the stack is aggregated and distributed among the switches in the stack. When redundant mode is activated, we don’t include the power supply wattage of the switch.


Technical Specifications

The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L switches has a DRAM of 256 MB, Flash memory of 64 MB, 4K VLAN IDs and 1005 Total VLANS.


Tech Support and Services

The Cisco WS-2960-48FPD-L switches have access to the Smartnet service that is available to those with licences to our premium software images. Using the service, they can download the latest updates and get next-business-day, 8x5x4, 24x7x4, and 24x7x2 advance hardware replacement and onsite parts replacement and installation.


Extra Section

The Cisco WS-C3750X-24T-L switches feature detailed description of parts in the datasheet (pdf). From the document, you can know about the end of life/sale (eol/eos) of the switches since they are not well particularized elsewhere. We offer up to 65% off the Cisco switch list price.


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Technical specifications:

Part NumberWS-C3750X-24T-L
Product TypeLAN Base
Total Ethernet Ports24
AC Power Supply350W
Switching Fabric160 Gbps
Flash64 MB
Total VLANs1005
Forwarding Rate65.5 mpps
Dimensions1.75 x 17.5 x 18.0 in.
Weight7.1 kg
Input Current4-2 A
Output Rating-56V@6.25A
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