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Description:   The Cisco WS-C3560X-48U-L LAN Base contains 48 UPOE Total Ethernet Ports, a 1100W AC Power Supply, and a 160 Gbps Switching Fabric. The WS-C3560X-48U-L operates with 256 MB DRAM and 64 MB Flash.

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About WS-C3560X-48U-L

Product Overview:

WS-C3560X-24U-L is one of the most used and competent switches of 3560-X Series. WS-C3560X-24U-L switch is an enterprise-class line of standalone switches. The triumph of this WS-C3560X-24U-L switch lies in its high energy efficient, easy-available, scalable, secured and easy operational features. Also, WS-C3560X-24U-L specification includes contemporary operational features like optional network modules (ONM), redundant power supplies, IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus configurations and Media Access Control Security (MACsec).

Primary Features:

This WS-C3560X-24U-L 24U non-PoEand 24 GE SFP port model is compatible with 4 optional uplink network modules with 10GE or GE ports. WS-C3560X-24U-L Switch has come on the market for the very first time with “PoE+ along with 30W power on all the ports in 1 rack unit (RU) form factor”. Hardware-based encryption has been used with Media Access Control Security (MACsec). Two primary WS-C3560X-24U-L features are switch-to-switch hardware encryption (Service Module uplink) and Flexible NetFlow.

Switch Configurations:

WS-C3560X-24U-L smartnet has 24 UPOE Ethernet Ports in total. 1100W is the default AC power supply and available PoE Power is 800W for WS-C3560X-24U-L switch.


All the switches from Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X switches are equipped with IP Base and IP Services feature sets. In addition to that, WS-C3560X-24U-L switch comes with an introductory LAN Base feature set. This feature set has 3 primary elements:

  •  IP Services (Advanced Layer 3 switching (IPv4 and IPv6) features)
  • IP Base (Baseline enterprise access Layer 3 switching features)
  • LAN Base (Enterprise access Layer 2 switching features)

Service Module:

WS-C3560X-24U-L manual will let you know regarding 2 more service module features on the uplink ports:

  • Flexible Netflow (FNF)
  • enhanced security

‘Line rate (40G) Flexible NetFlow for Network Monitoring and Security Anomaly Detection’ and ‘ Line rate (40G) MACsec encryption ‘ are 2 services that are covered by WS-C3560X-24U-L switch.

 Power Supply Models:

24 Port PoE WS-C3560X-24U-L specifications includes C3KX-PWR-715WAC of default power supply and 435W Available PoE Power.

Cisco Network Access that WS-C3560X-24U-L switch is equipped with

  • Easy operations
  • Increased sustainability
  • High security
  • Borderless experience


All the Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Switches from Cisco including WS-C3560X-24U-L benefits us with

  • Intelligent and smarter power management
  •  Cisco EnergyWise technology
  • Ethernet of better energy efficiency
  •  Efficient switch operation

Power Consumption:

WS-C3560X-24U-L installation will provide you with a low power consumption facility: 97.82 of 0% traffic, 97.27 of 10% traffic, 98.01 100% traffic and 97.43 for Weighted Average.

Ordering Information:

WS-C3560X-24U-L ordering will provide you with a 1100W AC power supply 1 RU, a standalone 24 10/100/1000 Ethernet UPOE ports and LAN Base feature set.

Additional Information:

WS-C3560X-24U-L feature details include QoS advanced quality of service, IPv4 and IPv6 routing, IPv4 and IPv6 routing and Multicast routing.

Technical specifications:

Part NumberWS-C3560X-48U-L
Product TypeLAN Base
SeriesCatalyst 3750x
Total Ethernet Ports48 UPOE
AC Power Supply1100W
Switching Fabric160 Gbps
Flash64 MB
Total VLANs1005
Forwarding Rate101.2 mpps
Dimensions1.75 x 17.5 x 19.5
Weight7.6 kg
Input Current12-6 A
Output Rating-56V@19.64A
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