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Description:  The Cisco WS-C3560-48TS-E Switch contains 48 Ethernet 10/100 ports and 4 SFP-based Gigabit Ethernet ports, IPS Software Feature Set, and a 32 MB Flash Memory. The WS-C3560-48TS-E operates with a 32 Gbps Forwarding Bandwidth and a 45 W Switch Power.

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About WS-C3560-48TS-E

Product Overview:

The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E has Fast Ethernet type. It has 48 ports with no PoE power option. The available AC power for these 48 ports is 250W. The wireless capacity is of 40G per switch.

Power Supply:

Default power supply is AC for the 48 ports of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E. The maximum power supply available is 250Watts.

Power Consumption:

Maximum power consumption by the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E during operation is 65Watts.

Power Capacity:

Power supply has the maximum capacity to provide 250W power. The ports of the switch can have the capacity to bear 65W power during operation.


The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E has 48×10/100 Fast Ethernet ports with $SFP optional ports. Wire base connectivity technology is present in the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E. Half Duplex and Full Duplex Communication Modes are available.

Technical Specifications:

The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E has 128MB RAM size. The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E is 280900 seconds. Total 12k MAC Address Entries are possible. Weight of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E is 9.04 lbs.

Technical Support and Services:

If the customer found any difficulties regarding installation and working of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E, he can contact us for our technical assistance. We are available around the clock for your services.

Additional Information:

January 4, 2010 is the EoL (End of Life) date by Cisco. And July 5, 2010 is the EoS (End of Sale) date for the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E. Thus, this catalyst is out of stock. So, we give offers to the customers to purchase their desired Cisco products, especially the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS-E from our organization with a 50 percent lower price from the original list price. The replacement of the catalyst is also possible as the warranty provided is of 1 Year.

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