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Description:  The Cisco Compact Switch has 8 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, 2 x 1G (PoE+ input) Uplinks, and a 64 MB Flash Memory. It operates with 51 Watts and a 14.9 mpps Forwarding Rate.

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About WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S

Product Overview:

The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S is an intelligent enterprise series switch. The switch has contained 8 PoE ports with available PoE power of 23.8Watts in addition to UPOE Uplinks configuration. Cisco IP Base software is installed in it.

Power Supply:

15.4W is the available maximum power supply on single PoE port. Maximum power supplied for single PoE+ port is 30Watts. PoE power supply of maximum value 23.8W is available. The available power rating available for the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S is 51W, 170.6BTU with 146W PoE budget.

Power Consumption:

The maximum power consumption on 100 percent Throughput is measured to be 21Watts on Single Uplink and 22Watts on Double Uplinks by the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S. The operational power consumption is measured to be 24.3W.

Power Capacity:

The maximum power capacity on one Cisco Uplink of UPOE is 23.8Watts. With 2 PoE+ power option the capacity is measured to be 15.4Watts. Max. Power Rating is 51Watts.


The Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S is having an Auxiliary Power Input option of 15.4Watts or 23.8Watts. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is PoE+ with 146W PoE budget. The switch is managed to 8 ports and having 10×10/100/1000G (PoE+) ports.

Technical Specifications:

Viewing the specs of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S technically, it has 9198Bytes of Jumbo Frame Support. The form factor is rack mountable and DIN mountable. The available installed size of RAM is 512MB. VLANs (Virtual Interface) capacity of the switch is 1023.

Technical Support and Services:

We are providing full support and services regarding replacement and repairing of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S. Our technical support is available around the clock. We deal with the technical issues coming into the operation of the switch.

Additional Information:

Cisco has released the End of Life (eol) date for the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S with effect from October 31, 2015. The sale of the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S has been ceased by Cisco after end of sale (eos) date announcement. The announcement for End of Sale date is October 30, 2016. The customers are unable to make a purchase for the Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560CPD-8PT-S after above mentioned date (eos). We have offers regarding this issue. A customer can buy our repaired equipment and devices of Cisco with 50% less from the list price. The period of warranty available is 1 Year on most products.

Technical specifications:

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