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Description:  The Cisco Compact Switch has 12 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports, 2 x 1G copper or 2 x 1G SFP Uplinks, and a 64 MB Flash Memory. It operates with 159 Watts and a 4.8 mpps Forwarding Rate.

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About WS-C3560C-12PC-S

Product Overview:

Cisco® Catalyst® compact switches have given you a handful of reason why you should go for this range. Being easily expandable to a fully managed wired switching infrastructure is one of them. WS-C3560C-12PC-S is one of the most prominent products of the series in term of performance and appearance both. This farm-factor WS-C3560C-12PC-S switch appearance is small and attractive with form-factor Gigabit. WS-C3560C-12PC-S uses are mainly limited to retail floors, hotels, classrooms, factories and other commercial places. Commercial places where multiple devices need to be connected without any mess, Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S is a perfect choice.

Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S switch supports all the advanced security and services (video, audio) along with Cisco Borderless Network services (Cisco Borderless Network services). With the PoE pass-through technology, the compact switch can draw power from the wiring closet and in this way it gets delivered to the respective end devices. Two more specifications of this Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S switch are ‘fanless operation that works the best in places where multiple channels and wire need to be run’ and ‘small form factor’.


The Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S specification includes 12 x 10/100 (Fast Ethernet) ports, 124W Available PoE Power with 12 PoE+ PoE Output Ports, and 2 Uplinks of 2 x 1G SFP and 2 x 1G copper. Extend Enterprise Networks, Retail Sector, Educational sectors and Borderless Networks and Access Switching are 4 distinct sectors and applications Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S smartnet is mostly used for.

‘Cisco EnergyWise’, ‘PoE pass-through’, ‘IEEE 802.3at or PoE+’ and ‘efficient switch operation’ are 4 prominent features of Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S switches’ sustainability; positive both for environment and business.

Power Capacity:

Cisco WS-C3560C-12PC-S power supply uses Internal Power Supply method.

Operational Excellence:

This is a groundbreaking addition from Cisco to their Cisco Catalyst 3560-C switches series: reduced operational cost to a surprising level. From switch installation and configuration to overall operational cost and troubleshooting time: all these positively impact on the operational cost. The 4 technologies that directly operate this operational cost reduction are: ‘Cisco Auto SmartPorts’, ‘Cisco Smart Troubleshooting’, ‘Cisco Smart Configuration’ and ‘USB file storage and console’.

Ease of access, deployment and controlling feature:

“Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)” and “Automatic QoS (AutoQoS)” and “Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP)"are three primary features of Cisco® Catalyst® compact switches of easy access and deployment.

Hardware Specification:

Under the performance specification, Cisco Catalyst 3560-C switches user manual comes with a number of advantageous features and parameters: 10 Gbps of Forwarding Bandwidth, 1005 Max VLANs, 64 MB Flash Memory, 4000 VLAN IDs, 128 MB Memory DRAM, 9000 bytes (up to) of MTU and 9018 bytes of Jumbo Frames. The Forwarding rate of Cisco Catalyst 3560-C specifications is 4.8 mpps (64 Byte Packet).


The Cisco Catalyst 3560-C switch is popular among the buyers for its sleek and convenient design. The Cisco Catalyst 3560-C dimension is 1.75x10.6x9.4 (Inches) or 4.44x26.9x21.3 (Centimeters) in H x W x D respectively. The switch weighs 4.1 pounds or 1.86 kg.

Ordering Information:

The Cisco Catalyst 3560-C package includes the Cisco Catalyst 3560-C switch, Dual Purpose Uplinks (2) along with IP Base.

Technical specifications:

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