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Description:  The Cisco Compact Switch has 8 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet Ports, 2 x 1G copper or 2 x 1G SFP Uplinks, and a 64 MB Flash Memory. It operates with 11 Watts and a 4.2 mpps Forwarding Rate.

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About WS-C2960C-8TC-L

Product Overview

The Cisco Catalyst ws-c2960c-8tc-l switch is a compact portable network solution. It can be powered by a single Ethernet cable from the wiring closet. This makes the switch ideal for small-quarters spaces, extensive areas, where having network at the farthest corners may be an issue, and for extending the wireless LAN connection.

Power Supply

The switch power consumption is not higher than 19W, so it is powered via one of its 2 Dual purpose uplink interfaces from the wiring cabinet.

Power Capacity

ws-c2960c-8tc-l is a data switch. It does not support the power over Ethernet (PoE) technology and consumes much less power due to that.


This model of the switch has 8 fast Ethernet ports, as well as 2 dual purpose uplink interfaces. It also comes with a LAN base feature license that enables the user to experience comfortable switching experience in full. The whole switch fits into 1 rack mount kit (1RU).

Tech Specs

All of the Cisco C2960C series switches have 128 MB DRAM and 64 MB Flash memory to carry out the most complex operations. They can support up to 4000 VLAN IDs with 1000 VLAN clients simultaneously. The forwarding rate of 64-byte packets is up to 14.9 mpps. The dimensions of the switch are 1.75x10.6x8.4 inches (4.44x26.9x21.3 cm) and the weight is 2.8 ppounds ( 1.27 kg).


This switch is used as a part of a wiring cabinet in a larger network system so it does not need to be stacked. You just connect as many of them as you need to the cabinet.

Tech Services and Support

The Cisco Smartnet support option is available for this model of the switch. If you need any datasheets or installation guides, manuals or specifications they can be found on the Manufacturer's website, as well as all the latest IOS versions to be downloaded. Hardware Networking offers a warranty for most of its products for a year.

Additional Information

The Cisco ws-c2960c-8tc-l is a modern switch, which was issued by the Cisco Catalyst recently, so the end of life and end of support (eos/eol) have not been announced yet.

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