Description:  The Arista Networks PWR-745AC-F is an AC power supply unit. The power supply is a high-end network switching product. It depicts front-to-rear airflow.

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About PWR-745AC-F

The Arista Networks PWR-745AC-F is an AC power supply for the manufacturers data center switches. The power supply portrays hot-swap functionality. It can be replaced or removed without affecting the operations of the network in which it is connected. The power supply is fitted with an integrated fan that functions as its cooling system. Its fan supports an airflow direction from front to back during operation. The product is associated with an output power of up to 750W. The AC power supply comes along with a power cord for its connection. The product is largely deployed in data centers with the 7060X and 7280QR series switches. It has four LEDs on its rear panel to indicate the operating status of the power supply. The PSU has two LEDs that light up in green color when input power is present and there is normal operation and/or the power supply is not installed in its chassis. The product also has a yellow colored LED that gets illuminated when there is a fault in the power supply. The fourth LED remains unlit when there is no input power and the power supply is set up in the chassis. This PWR-745AC-F is utilized as a spare PSU for the energy-efficient switches with a compact form in associated data centers.


Technical specifications

The PWR-745AC-F is an AC type power supply.



The PWR-745AC-F has an output power of 750W.

Data Centers

Power Supply Type

Yes, the PWR-745AC-F can be used with the manufacturer's 7060X and 7280QR series of data center switches.


Power Cord Inclusion

The PWR-745AC-F has a front-to-rear airflow.

7280QR and 7060X data center switches

Cooling System

Yes, the PWR-745AC-F comes with status LEDs at the rear.

Hot-Swap Support



AC power supply Supports hot swap operation Equipped with four status LEDs Includes a cooling fan Works with data center switches


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