Description:  The Arista Networks PWR-1900AC-F power supply is used in combination with the manufacturer's 7260CX and 7280R series of switches used in data centers. This product operates as a spare AC power supply featuring an integrated fan with front-to-rear airflow. It has 93% Platinum efficiency.

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About PWR-1900AC-F

The PWR-1900AC-F power supply from Arista Networks is an AC type power supply. The product is well-suited for the manufacturers 7260CX plus 7280R set of data center switches. The flexibility of the PSU is enhanced by the diverse operating and storage temperatures. The power supply is fitted with a fan supporting front-to-rear airflow for cooling. The product has 1900 W output power. The PSU is associated with a typical input current rating of 11.2 A to 9.5 A. It is in compliance with EMC and immunity requirements. This power supply depicts high reliability, efficiency and durability that makes it highly versatile. The product is a good choice for deployment in large scale data centers. The plug-in form-factor makes the installation process easy with minimum effort. The PSU is characterized by a fairly high efficiency of 93% Platinum. It features protection against overheating during operation because of the built-in fan that circulates air throughout the unit. The power supply supports hot-swapping. This means that the PSU can be removed or replaced without affecting the functionality of the data center network. The product adheres to several safety standards. The PWR-1900AC-F related network switch incorporates virtual output queuing, distributed scheduling and system logging. The switch is also equipped with a horde of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features.


Technical specifications

The PWR-1900AC-F is an AC power supply.

50 Hz to 60 Hz

Integrated Fan

The PWR-1900AC-F has a typical input current rating of 11.2 A to 9.5 A.


Standards Compliance

The PWR-1900AC-F has an input voltage ranging between 200 VAC to 240 VAC.

7260CX and 7280R range of switches

Hot Swap Support

The fan in the PWR-1900AC-F has a front-to-rear airflow.

IEC 60320 C20

Operating Altitude

The PWR-1900AC-F has an output power of 1900 W.

Typical Input Voltage



1900 W output power 50 Hz to 60 Hz input frequency Integrated fan for air circulation Ideal for large data centers 5% to 95% relative humidity


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