Description:  The Arista DCS-7280TR-48C6-R data center switch associated router comprises two C13-C14 cords for its connection. The router incorporates Layer 2 services such as IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping and 128 ports per MLAG. This product also portrays VM Tracer VMware integration.

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About DCS-7280TR-48C6-R

The DCS-7280TR-48C6-R switch encompasses two USB ports, a RS-232 serial console port and one 100/1000 management port among various other ports. The switch features advanced mirroring options like port mirroring, L2/3/4 filtering and enhanced remote port mirroring. Its environment monitoring and storm control features allow it to be used in any environmental conditions. The product supports up to eight queues for a port, egress shaping and DSCP based classification and remarking. The switch features 4 GB buffer that allows it to deliver 2.16 Tbps wire-speed performance. It can be used with a data center switch featuring six 100GbE QSFP ports as well as 48 10GbE RJ45 ports. This product comes along with two C13-C14 cords. The switch has very less latency and uses two hot-swap AC power supplies to support its operation. The product features a compact profile with its 19 x 1.75 x 16 inches size. Its efficiency is enhanced by the multitude of Layer 2 and Layer 3 services supported. The product related power supplies feature a power capacity of 500 W. The switch requires at least Arista EOS 4.17.1 for its operation. Its power supplies portray back-to-front airflow for their fans. This DCS-7280TR-48C6-R switch can help in delivering an excellent open networking solution for your data center.


Technical specifications

Yes, the DCS-7280TR-48C6-R router supports static routes.

48.3 x 44 x 40.6 inches


The DCS-7280TR-48C6-R router incorporates network management features like configuration rollback and commit, event monitoritng, system logging and more.


Number of Power Cords

The DCS-7280TR-48C6-R router has 32 ports per LAG.

From 3.8 us

RS-232 Serial Port

The DCS-7280TR-48C6-R router has an inbuilt quad-core CPU.

290 W

USB Ports

The DCS-7280TR-48C6-R router can have a maximum system memory of 32 GB by expanding the existing 8 GB memory.




Latency from 3.8 us Virtual output queuing Distributed scheduler Compatible with several Linux tools CloudVision


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