Description:  The Arista Networks DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router is intended to be used with the manufacturer's data center switches. This router can be operated over a broad temperature range of 0 C to 40 C. It has 9.216 bytes of jumbo frames.

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About DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R

The Arista DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router designed for data center switches supports up to 4,096 virtual LANs at a time. The product helps the network switch with policing/shaping, data center bridging extension as well as capturing or mirroring congested traffic. It has a size of 19 x 1.75 x 16 inches. This router comes equipped with 8GB system memory that can be expanded further up to 32 GB based on need. The product can be installed on to the supporting rails without any tools. It complies with EN 55035 and EN 300 386 immunity standards. The router supports hot-swap operation for its fans and power supplies. The product is integrated with different types of ports to match varying needs. The router renders scalable and flexible solutions for access control, network telemetry and policy based forwarding. It can be integrated directly into encapsulated environments. The product depicts support for virtualization and provisioning through CloudVision and VM Tracer. The router supports 9,216 bytes of jumbo frames. It features an operating relative humidity of 5% to 95%. The product has a data center optimized design with its ultra-deep packet buffer. Its Arista EOS is built on top of a standard Linux kernel. This DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router cuts down on the human errors in network operations with its automation capabilities.


Technical specifications

The DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router has a latency starting from 3.8 us.


Custom OIDs

Yes, the DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router can be used for wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding.


VLAN Tagging Standards

Yes, the DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router is designed to support NEBS.


Storm Control

The DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router has a flash storage memory of 4 GB.


Management Port

Yes, the DCS-7280SRA-48C6M-R router adheres to EN 62368-1:2014 + A11:2017 and IEC-62368-1:2014 safety standards.

Number of VLANs



1152 link aggregaton groups Advanced event management High performance and efficiency with low power Microburst detection Eliminates head-of-line blocking


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