Description:  The DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router provided by Arista Networks can be utilized with the manufacturer's 7280R2 network switch. The product uses dual power supplies with over 94% efficiency. It adheres to EN 55035 and EN 300 386 standards.

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About DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R

The Arista DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router designed for 7280R2 data center switch is noted for its high degree of efficiency. The product is equipped with a slew of 100GbE, 50GbE, 40GbE, 25GbE and 10GbE ports. It is associated with a throughput of 2.88 Tbps and portrays 835 Mpps packet transfer rate. The router delivers uninterrupted operation with its integrated quad-core x86 CPU. The product also houses different types of memory like flash storage memory, system memory and packet buffer memory. Its USB port makes its connection with the related network switch hassle-free and easy to accomplish. The router incorporates a single rack unit. The product weighs 9 kg and is sized at 19 x 1.75 x 16 inches. It draws its power from two AC power supplies. The router encompasses four fans that render rear to front airflow so that there is no way of getting overheated. The product has one management port and one serial port apart from the USB port and several GbE ports. The router incorporates the manufacturers AlgoMatch technology for cloud networking by combining both software and hardware. The product also allows access control of IPv4 and IPv6 at the same scale. This Arista DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router helps in capacity planning, advanced network telemetry and quality of experience planning.


Technical specifications

The DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router has 24 10GbE ports.


Maximum Relative Humidity

The DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router has 24 25GbE ports.

Up to 768K

RoHS Compliant

The DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router has six 100GbE ports.

32 F to 104 F

CE Certified

There are two AC power supplies in the DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router.

-40 F to 158 F

Number of VLANs

The DCS-7280SR2K-48C6-M-R router has a rear to front direction of airflow.

Memory Expamion Support



One 100/1000 management port One RS-232 port 32 GB system memory Group 2 EOS feature license Minimum Arista EOS 4.20.4


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