Description:  The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R is a power-packed switch for data centers. This switch comes with CloudVision, syslog, system logging and more features to strengthen network management. It has a size of 48.3 x 4.4 x 52.3 cm.

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About DCS-7280QR-C36-R

The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R is a data center switch designed keeping large scale data centers in mind. This switch is designed to provide high-end performance in data center networks that require fast and seamless transmission. To achieve the same, this one comes with management over IPv6, industry standard CLI, CloudVision, system logging, syslog and more network management features. Built with ergonomic layer 2 and layer 3, this switch comes with rapid per VLAN spanning tree, multi-chassis link aggregation, 802.3x flow control, 128-way equal cost multipath routing, unicast reverse path forwarding and more features. Plus, it offers bi-directional forwarding detection, storm control as well aspolicy based routing. All these features enhance the efficiency of this switch and make it an advanced device for your data center. The security features of the Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R include ACL deny logging, control plane protection, MAC security, RADIUS, TACACS+ and more. The chances of data leakage, interrupted transmission and related safety issues are minimized with these features. Virtualization support is another upside of this router, which is ensured with VM tracer VMware integration and VXLAN Bridging and Routing. The diverse environmental range makes this switch ideal for all weather conditions. It depicts an operating altitude of 0 to 3,000 m and relative humidity of 5 to 95%. The storage temperature of this Arista data center switch is between -40 and 70 degrees C while the operating temperature is between 0 and 40 degrees C. This device weighs approximately 9.7kg and measures about 48.3 x 4.4 x 52.3 cm.


Technical specifications

Yes, the Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R provides MAC Security.


Relative Humidity

The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R has 768K MAC adresses.

0 to 10,000 ft


The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R has a quad-core x86 CPU.

9,216 bytes


The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R offers 9,216 bytes of jumbo frames.


MAC Security

The Arista DCS-7280QR-C36-R has 24 40GbE QSFP+ and 12 100GbE QSFP ports.

MAC Adresses



802.1Q VLAN tagging OpenStack neutron support 1152 link aggregation groups Telnet and SSHv2 Rear-to-front airflow


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