Description:  The Arista PWR-460AC-R is a Spare Power Module used with the Arista 7124SX, 7150 & 7048-A switches. The PWR-460AC-R has 460 Watts and an AC Power Type.

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About PWR-460AC-R

Product Overview:

Arista 7150 Series is one of the top-selling 1/10 GbE SFP switches with ultra-low latency. All the switches of Arista 7150 Series datasheet are notable for Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring features, Data Center Optimized Design and Resilient Control Plane. All the additional components including PWR-460AC-R spare is compatible with all the Arista 7050 Series Switches (7124SX, 7048-A, 7050 and 7150). This Arista PWR-460AC-R smartnet by specification is environment-friendly and comes with environmental certification RoHS-6.


This Arista PWR-460AC-R Proprietary Power Supply works perfectly with the switch family of 2/3/4 wire speed (1RU 1/10/40GbE layer). This PWR-460AC-R manual is so favored by the buyers because of its overall benefits of swift functionality, ample onboard resources and unmatched performance.

HPC clusters, cloud data centers and financial ECNs, ultra-low latency and deterministic latency (from 350ns) are four primary specifications of contemporary environmental specifications.


All the Arista 7050 Series Switches that match with Arista PWR-460AC-R Proprietary Power Supply send 960 million of packets (up to)/second with L2 and L3 forwarding wire speed and 1.28 terabits/second (up to) speed.

Ultra Low Latency:

All the rear-to-front airflow Arista 7050 Series Switches are compatible with what the Arista PWR-460AC-R installation guide says. The Arista PWR-460AC-R user manual says it compatible with latency 350 nanosecond (from) (same for L2 and L3), 1, 10 and 40GbE low latency, multicast and unicast low jitter and Dynamic buffer allocation (DBA).

Advanced Provisioning & Monitoring:

LANZ Microburst Analysis, CloudVision, NAT, MNAT (Ultra Low Latency), RFC3176 sFLOW, VMTracer Zero Touch Provisioning and Self-configure (USB recovery) are the most prominent advanced monitoring and provisioning features supported by Arista PWR-460AC-R modules.

Data Center Optimized Design:

The PWR-460AC-R spare installation guide is designed with 4 columns of data optimization: hot-swappable and redundant power (1+1), hot-swappable and redundant power (N+1), rear-to-front flow and typical power draw (3.5W/port).

Resilient Control Plane:

The Arista PWR-460AC-R eol incorporates with 2GB flash memory, 4GB DRAM, ZCPU (Dual-core x86) and VM compatible running with the user application.

Built-in Solid State Storage:

The built in storage is a prominent strength of Arista 7150 Series 7124SX, 7048-A, 7050 and 7150 switches that inspires flawless performance. Data captures and store logs, solid state drive and limitless Linux tools are three features that steadily support a consistent solid-state storage. The PWR-460AC-R spare feature list will show it as running on Stateful Fault Containment, Single binary image, truly modular network OS (fine-grained), Stateful Fault Repair technology and Linux shell and tools access (limitless).

Additional Features:

Ultra-low latency (deterministic) is the hands down best feature of 460 Watt AC PSU PWR-460AC-R. Apart from that one, Arista PWR-460AC-R datasheet is equipped with multiple features like address translation (low-latency), high-performance network features, address translation (low latency), IEEE 1588 Precision Timing and flexible deployment (AgilePorts) are the prominent features that Arista PWR-460AC-R spare supports and runs.

Security Features:

Just like the visualization support, network management, advanced monitoring and extensibility features, the Arista PWR-460AC-R security features supports features like ACL Counters and loggings, DHCP Relay/Snooping, PDP, Control Plane Protection, Service ACLs, TACACS+ and RADIUS.

Ordering Information:

The Arista PWR-460AC-R spare ordering information as an optional component includes Spare 460 Watt AC PSU that is compatible with Arista 7124SX, 7048-A, 7150 and 7150 rear-to-front airflow switches.

Power Supply and Estimated Weight:

The power supply type of this Arista PWR-460AC-R spare is of AC with 460 Watt power supply mode. The estimated weight of this Arista PWR-460AC-R machine is 5lbs.

Technical specifications:

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