Description:  The Arista FAN-7000-R is a Spare Fan used with the Arista 7124SX, 7150 & 7048-A switches. The FAN-7000-R has Front-to-rear Airflow and a Reversible Airflow Option.

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About FAN-7000-R



Product Overview:

FAN-7000-R is a cooling fan used for Arista switches. The switch works on DC power supply. The supply voltage can be different on different rpm (Revolution per Minute). The maximum speed of the fan can be 7000 rpm. The fan has different types depending upon the manufacturer company and the requirements of the clients. FAN-7000-R is used for Arista 7124SX, 7050 and 7048-A switches for cooling purposes.

Power Supply:

Power supplied to the FAN-7000-R is DC supply. The particular PWR-460DC-F device is used to supply power to the fan.  The operating supply voltages are 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC. The optimal power is of 12W on 24VDC.

Power Consumption:

Different power consumption occurs at different speed of the fan. Power consumption is 11.4W on 12VDC. Typical power consumed is 12Watts in Sanyo Denki model of the fan.

Power Capacity:

The FAN-7000-R has the maximum capacity to bear 43.2W of DC supply. The fan has different power ratings i.e. 11.4W, 12W, 22.8W, 23.04W and 43.2W. It all depends upon the speed and voltage applied.


The FAN-7000-R is designed for ‘rear to front’ air flow. The fan gives high air flow with the long life ability. The material for housing used is Aluminum metal. The air flow value is measured as 102.4 CFM for 9LG type fan.

Technical Specifications:

The maximum speed of the FAN-7000-R is 7000 rpm. The dimensions of the frame are measured to be as L×W×D (92×38×92mm). Noise has value of 55dBA. Pressure type in the FAN-7000-R is 1mmAq.

Technical Support and Services:

Our company provides complete technical support and services for the maintenance of the FAN-7000-R around the clock.

Additional Information:

We have a complete range of remanufactured parts of the FAN-7000-R. We have an exciting offer of 50% off on FAN-7000-R for clients. For clients and customer satisfaction, we offer 1 Year warranty. Also, guide manual (pdf) for the FAN-7000-R provides you complete instructions and guidance regarding the fan use.

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