Description:  The Arista FAN-7000-F is a Spare Fan used with the Arista 7124SX, 7150 & 7048-A switches. The FAN-7000-F has Front-to-rear Airflow and a Reversible Airflow Option.

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About FAN-7000-F



Product Overview


Arista has a redundant fan module (FAN-7000-F) for the 7124SX, 7050 & 7048-A series switches. FAN-7000-F has a front to rear airflow movement. Arista switches have a high availability and are used generally in data center environments. Arista switches are designed for ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning), thus utilizing an advanced provisioning and monitoring technology.




Arista switches have N+1 fans which are in-built in inside the switch. The fans are hot swappable in nature, which means they can be removed, added or replaced while the switch is still functioning. Hereby, the uptime of your data center Arista switch is prioritized. The fans are placed in such a manner that they offer redundancy in case of fan malfunctions. The fans provide cooling to the switches by pumping air from the rear to the front, and from the front to rear ends. The part FAN-7000-F is designed to maintain the airflow movement from the front to the rear.


Hardware Features


Arista 7050 series data center switches have a total of 4 (N+1 redundant fans). The maximum power drawn from the switches is 303 Watts, typically it is about 192 Watts. The switches have a reversible airflow option which is a built in feature. The operating temperature of the switch is between 0 and 40 degree Celsius. Storage temperature is between -40 and 70 degree Celsius.

The typical weight of the Arista switch is 18 lbs (8.18 kg). The switch draws an input voltage of 100 to 240 AC or 40 to 72 V DC. The size of the switch is in terms of width, height and depth is 44.5 cm (19 inches), 4.4 cm (1.75 inches) and 40.64 cm (16 inches).


Price and Warranty


Up to 60 % discount can be provided on most products sold via the website. The Arista Networks part FAN-7000-F can also be purchased similarly. The end of sale announcement has been made for all the Arista 7050 series switches has been announced as 9th of August, 2016. The end of life for the product will be on 9th of August, 2019 as per Arista’s official announcement.


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