Description:  The Arista DCS-7150S-64-CL-F Ultra Low Latency Switch contains 48 x SFP+ ; 4 x QSFP+ Ports, a Dual-Core x86 CPU, and a 4 Gb System Memory. The DCS-7150S-64-CL-F operates with a 1.28Tbps Throughput and 960 Mpps Packets/Second.

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About DCS-7150S-64-CL-F

Product Overview:

­The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F has intelligent features. The switch belongs to the Arista 7150S catalysts family. On a financial point of view, the switch is specially designed for meeting the requirements in the areas of ultra-low latency i.e. ECNs, cloud data centers and HPC clusters. The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F is having 48 SFP+ ports. The power supply type is AC to the ports.  

Power Supply:

The power supply type in the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F is internal AC power supply. The typical AC voltage values for the switch are 120 to 240V. The frequency of the supply is kept 50 or 60 Hz. The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F has dual redundant power supply option. There is also an option of DC power supply with 40 to 72 Volts DC.

Power Consumption:

Maximum power consumption observed in the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F is 224Watts for 48 SFP+ ports.

Power Capacity:

The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F has a maximum sustainable power capacity of 455Watts of AC power supply.


The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F has 48 ports with 4 QSFP+ ports. The switch has dual power supplies for better performance. It has layer 3 switching for fast response. The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F is rack mountable.

Technical Specifications:

The Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F has high performance. The switching capacity is ultra-fast and having value is 1.28Tbps. 4GB RAM is installed in it. The size of flash memory available is 2GB. The switch has operation humidity value varies from 5 to 95%.  

Technical Support and Services:

The company is available to assist you with any arising technical issues in the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F 24 hours. We provide our services free of cost. The customer has the facility to change the faulty parts in which technical issues arise.

Additional Information:

The Arista has declared the date for end of life (eol) for the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F w.e.f. December 20, 2016. Last date for ordering the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F from Arista is December 20, 2014 (end of sale).  The customers can’t make orders for the Arista Catalyst DCS-7150S-64-CL-F after the last date mentioned. So, we have a solution to provide you our refurbished Arista products with 50% less price. The warranty on all products is 1 Year. Also, our configuration manual for the Arista 7150S series switches is available for more information.

Technical specifications:

Part NumberDCS-7150S-64-CL-F
Product TypeUltra Low Latency Switch
Ports48 x SFP+ ; 4 x QSFP+
Packets/Second960 Mpps
Latency (SFP+ Ports)380ns
CPUDual-Core x86
System Memory4 Gb
Flash Storage Memory2 Gb
Input Voltage100-240AC
Input Current2.2-5.3A
Input Frequency50/60 Hz
USB Port1
Packet Buffer Memory9.5 MB
Hot-swap Power Supplies2 (1+1 redundant)
Hot-swappable Fans4 (N+1 redundant)
Revision Part #

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