Description:  The Arista DCS-7150S-24 Ultra Low Latency Switch contains 24 x SFP+ Ports, a Dual-Core x86 CPU, and a 4 Gb System Memory. The DCS-7150S-24 operates with a 480Gbps Throughput and 360 Mpps Packets/Second.

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About DCS-7150S-24

Product Overview

The Arista DCS-7150S-24 series is a leading networking switch which has the capability to deliver high performance, best reliability and improved safety. As it is designed to cater the needs of latest networking environments such as HPC clusters, ultra-low latency financial ECN’s and cloud data centers, the product utilizes its extensive onboard resources to deliver best output.

Being a layer 3 switch, DCS-7150S-24 includes a total of 24 expansion slots of SFP+ category. Furthermore, the deployment flexibility and balanced resources made the product suitable for all kinds of networking environments.

Power Supply

The networking switch comes with a fixed power supply having an input voltage of 110 V AC, 220 V AC. For extra support, users can also connect a redundant power supply which can be purchased separately.

Power Capacity

Featuring 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology, the 24 SFP+ slots require an input current of 7.1-12.8 A whereas the typical power draw is 191W.


Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) has now been introduced for the DCS-7150S-24 networking switch. As it includes facilities such as self-healing stateful repair and In-service software upgrades, users can complete the installation procedure by just a click of a button. The Layer 2/3/4 switching delivers high performance with low latency range of up to 1.28Tbps and 960Mpps.

Moreover, the Advanced Traffic Control and Precision Time Protocol features make this switch best suitable for ultra-accurate timing networks. For extra support and guidance, users can reach Arista helpline or service depots as well.


The networking switch does not include any stacking ports.

Technical Specifications

Arista DCS-7150S-24 Layer 3 switch has a total of 24 Ethernet expansion slots. As they fall in the SFP+ category, the modules are completely manageable by using technologies such as Web Based Management, Command Line Interface, Telnet and VLAN. Having a 4 GB standard memory DRAM technology, the installed flash memory is 2 GB whereas the device is made as per the IEEE 802 standards.

Being a 1U compatible rack mountable unit, the overall dimensions are set to 1.8 x 19 x 16 inches (H X W X D) while the packaging weight is 18 lb. approximately. The switch is datacenter optimized and provides high availability due to presence of Agile Ports having an average capacity of 100MB to 40 Gbe in a single interface.

Additional Information

For information regarding installation, upgradation and configuration, users can download the datasheet pdf from Arista’s official website. The networking switch can be configured through multiple technology solutions offered by the company including Software Driven Cloud Networking, Network Virtualization VXLAN and EOS.

Arista DCS-7150S-24 networking device comes with a complete 1-year manufacturer’s warranty whereas the End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) dates not announced yet. To purchase genuine and authentic Arista networking switches, please visit our website and enjoy up to 50 percent discounts. We guarantee the originality of each product sold as we provide complete manufacturers guarantee and support as well.

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